The West abandon the Kurds

After fighting side by side with the Kurd to defeat ISIS we have abandon them to the Turk who will no doubt try eradicate them, Turkey will not allow a Kurdish stronghold to exist in Syria.

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the kurds get ■■■■■■ again. i am sure there wont be any sort of long term fallout from this…nah

could this be the start of a second Anfal genocide?

No one can ever say Trump is a leader when he abandons an ally like this. And someone needs to tell Donald that ISIS isn’t dead.

very likely and we know the Turks have a history of ignoring genocide they have commited…

The further destabilization of Syria will create a new ISIS more then likely, the Kurd have been a major part in stabilization of Northern Syria and the Turk will be seen as an invading force.

We should never have set foot in Iraq in the first place. Not our ******* problem.

Don’t care if the name of the President who ends our involvement is Trump, Clinton, Obama, etc, etc, etc.

Need to get our asses out of Afghanistan as well and any other place we are entangled.


The statement in no way supports your version of it.

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Turkey is moving into Syria to combat the Kurds.

According to you and nothing in that letter states that the west has abandoned the Kurds.

BTW, having castigated President Trump on numerous occasions, I will give him a kudos in one respect for this situation.

That being that he has flatly refused to take any ISIS prisoners to Guantanamo Bay.

For that, at least, I thank President Trump.

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so America is going to stop Turkey from invading Northern Syria which is controlled by the Kurds.

Blind squirrels and broken clocks…not gonna say anything else.

More ridiculous and desperate deflections from you.

Where does the statement say the west had abandoned the Kurds or that Turkey is invading to eradicate the Kurds?

It states America will not stop Turkey military operation in Northern Syria which is to remove the Kurdish stronghold, what you think they are going there to fight Assad

No that isn’t what it says, that is your completely misrepresenting what it says.

Why is Turkey invading Northern Syria.

You tell me us, after all you know everything.

I didn’t claim to know. What I know is that the statement from the WH doesn’t even mention the Kurds much less “The West is Abandoning The Kurds”.

You fabricated that.

Who do you think currently control Northern Syria.

If you think I’m going to play your stupid game all night you need to think again.

None of what you claimed is in the statement released from the WH.