The war on Drugs got just a little hard or easier depending on who you asked

Mexico is set to legalize weed by the end of the month.

A proposal to create a state-owned company to control the sale and distribution of marijuana in a regulated market appears to have no chance of succeeding: neither President López Obrador nor the ruling party’s leader in the Senate have offered support for the idea.

Mario Delgado, leader of the Morena party in the lower house of Congress, presented a bill on Tuesday that proposed that a state company called Cannsalud would have exclusive authority to purchase marijuana from legal producers and sell it to both authorized franchisees – who would supply the recreational retail market – and pharmaceutical companies.

On Wednesday, he clarified that his draft General Law for the Control of Cannabis was a purely personal proposal that doesn’t have the backing of the president and other Morena lawmakers.

That isn’t going to do anything but make it even tougher on the US, Canada and the other nations in our hemisphere where it is still illegal.

This has been a long time coming in Mexico. Recreational cannabis has already been ruled in on more than once since 2015. Now it’s time to make tax money.

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Kind of tough to categorize current US enforcement against cannabis as a war at this point.

It’s basically like deploying a UN blue helmet force in Germany by this point on the Federal level. Not a whole lot of action on cannabis.

I’m glad it’s finally winding down. We need to get the crap rescheduled and legalized.


Marijuana is illegal in Canada ? In U S?

Canada legitimized weed for medicinal use back in ‘16

I’m 100% of regulated dispensaries selling weed in Mexico, whether the user wants it for medicinal or recreational purposes.

This plant is a cash cow with hundreds of uses ranging from medicinal to recreational to industrial. Nations are learning what the people already know - it’s stupid to not make money off of this.


Good for Mexico. We should be next.

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I suggest people read this book

It’s a pretty good account of the modern drug trade.


Marijuana is legal in many U S States, if only for certain medical conditions. I do believe California, Colorado and Massachusetts allow it for recreational usage.

I agree if so. Making marijuana is one of those issues I would say forget about states’ rights and legalize it in all 50.

If you can purchase cigarettes or alcoholic beverages in all 50, you should also be able to buy marijuana as you wish—edible, smokeable or spike your tea with it in all 50 as well.

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And while we’re at it, I think strictly testing positive for THC should not disqualify one for a job.

There are plenty who don’t use drugs who perform poorly for various reasons, and individuals with intermittently painful conditions who benefit from the pain relief of marijuana and want to work.

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Recreational - also Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Illinois starting in 2020. I don’t remember where Michigan is with it.

Yeah, I mean federally. It’s legal for recreation in quite a few states, and will be legal in Michigan and Illinois in 2020.

I couldn’t agree more.

Too bad, Mexico needs to conduct a domestic policy that is in their best interest not ours. Make Mexico Great Again

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It’s illegal in Canada?

Nope. Was legalized there for medicinal usage in 2016.

IMO Canadians would be wise to legalize it for recreational usage. Can’t possibly be any worse than having a few drinks.

Personally I’ve felt more hung over after a Benadryl I V in the Emergency Room than on edible marijuana.

They have legalized it for recreational. Have the edibles been working well for you?

Its not I grew a pound of weed this summer.


What did you grow?

Not sure if this change in Mexico will help with the trafficking of drugs or not but I do believe strongly that marijuana should be legal in every single state including for recreational use.