The war on Drugs got just a little hard or easier depending on who you asked

not really sure the name of it, got them from a friend at work 10$ a clone four plants.

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Not a bad price at all.

We should have been first, as in never making it illegal in the first place.


Me either.

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It matters on the individual we hire coders a few of them we had to let go because they would go to lunch and come back baked and half retarded and got nothing done.

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Apparently government has decided we can only have things they like, witness the vape bans and punitive taxes we are seeing now based on flat out lies.

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If I ever start smoking again we need to hang out.

Me and a friend of mine grew three plants a long time ago when we were in college. It went pretty well considering we didn’t know what the hell we were doing and we grew them outside.

But there was something special about smoking something that you’ve grown yourself. It’s a sort of pride.

Kind of like eating potatoes that you grew yourself.

It’s even worse than that, they test for metabolites that can be in your system for 1-2 months because they just happen to be one of the few drugs that gets stored in our fat.

Drug testing in general is ■■■■■■■■■ many of the really bad drugs (i.e. coke) are out of your system relatively quickly, and it’s the person who smoked a joint at a party three weeks ago that loses his job.

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Grew mine outside too, all natural right next to the veggie garden I don’t even smoke a lot I was just like whatever its legal.

It’s an interesting plant anyway. Cool flowers :laughing:

Have to disagree 100 percent really. Dangerous jobs should not be carried out by people high on pot.

But the testing they do does not do that.

it should be the same as booze free to do on your off time, but not on the clock.


It isn’t. Especially when hazardous jobs and materials are involved.

Oh yeah!

Overall I’d say better for joint pains than migraines, but 5.0 mgs knocked out pain and nausea the other day.

Thanks for asking :slightly_smiling_face:

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So if a drug test involves ETOH, as some drug tests do, anyone who tests positive should not get a hazardous job? Or should lose one?

Be demoted to desk duty? Isn’t that a bit much for someone whose functional, but relaxes with a beer or two at home? Or drinks wine with dinner?

They should and do. To allow anyone high on a hazardous job is to risk injuries, lawsuits and fines from OSHA.

That’s only for insurance purposes. And that’s only because current cannabis tests go back weeks rather than hours like alcohol tests.

If it’s off the clock it’s none of the business’s business.

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So if the poor soul drinks wine with his Or her dinner, and is nowhere near the state’s limit for an intoxicated driving conviction, he or she shouldn’t get the job?

There are individuals who don’t drink or use drugs who aren’t capable of doing some jobs well. If all that separates one candidate from another is no ETOH or, as has been pointed out, historical THC use, that candidate hasn’t much going for him or her.

You are giving your feelings on the subject but i have given you the reality of it.

I used to work at one of those dangerous jobs. The companies just are not going to risk injuries(possibly deaths), lawsuits or the wrath of OSHA so employees can smoke pot.