The Wall debate makes zero sense to me


SHS appears to enjoy her job.


First of all, for me personally when President Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall, I never envisioned Mexico writing a check :roll_eyes: instead I took it as Mexico will “pay the price” for their bad behavior. So NO I’m not angry with President Trump, I’m angry with Democrats and Mexico that we even need a wall!! :angry:

There are reports of another 15,000 immigrant caravan forming in So. American countries and if Mexico does not STOP them on their southern border then I think President Trump should close our southern border and see how Mexico deals with the invasion of the people they have allowed to traipse through their country to crash our southern border and invade our country! That will really hurt them in the pocket book and possibly force them to pay to “build a wall” of their own on their southern border.


Why do they use solar lights? Wouldn’t a oanel be obvious? Wouldn’t regular 110 off a quiet small 2200 generator be better. You could cover it and only need a half gallon of gas.


Wow very creative. I like how you interpret what Trump really means when he says something rlse


*Saus something else


Whats a guy gotta do to get an edit function around here?


There is no way you actually believed that, as he was laying out half-witted specifics about trade imbalance. That makes zero sense, unless you are willing to completely twist every piece of the english language in order to make room for the belief that this guy isn’t lying to you.


He said over and over and over that Mexico was paying for the wall.

Time for him to put his big boy pants on and start negotiating with them.


So Trump is a liar?


The wall just got 20 feet higher!


Airplanes can’t fly that high.


I’m pals with a guy who’s a US Marshal, currently sitting on his hands at home, and apparently the idea of a sick-out or an outright refusal to do anything but the most critical functions is building up among the LEOs still working and getting paid.


What do you mean by “close the southern border?”


Trump said call it what you will.

Barrier is most neutral and accurate.



Yes after he moved goalposts. It was a…

2000mi concrete wall
Then is was a 700mi concrete wall
Then it was 2000mi mix of fences and concrete wall
Then it was 700mi of fences and concrete wall
Then it was 2000mi of see through glass
Then it was 700mi of steel slats
Now it’s whatever you wanna call it…


It is really sad to see how Trump supporters are so easily buying into the lies that this administration is creating trying to sell the wall. It is crazy that a Department Secretary like Nielsen spout “facts” that are so easily disproven. Yes Trump supporters, they do believe that all of you are that stupid.


Too funny.


Imagine how Republicans would have reacted if Obama had said the government was going to seize private property to build a wall.


When Obama said you can keep your doctor I wasn’t angry because personally for me I knew he meant you could keep a picture of your doctor.


I like the steel slats idea… except of course the 25% tariff on steel making steel slats 25% more expensive…