The Wall debate makes zero sense to me


We’ve also been told that the wall is just a metaphor or campaign device and not a physical wall. So who the hell knows what Trump actually wants.


Lately Trump seems to go with what the CEC is saying what policy should be.


You’d think this would be easily resolved if Trump just said we want 5 billion are here are the x different things we want it for. But as is I don’t even know what the hissy fit is about. And he’s not even clear in if the wall is a wall in the first place.


Ive had the same Doctor since the 80’s. Did you lose your Doctor? Did you?


My doctor is doctor who and I’m not sure if he’s the same doctor or not every season to be honest.


The administration is unwilling to provide details on how the money will be spent and provide the math on how the USMCA will pay. And then they wonder why the red flags are flying.


I assume an explanation of open borders is required. Open borders mean there are no check points in service. Just go across.


There are no “open borders”. Nor will there ever be.


Vin Europe there are


Yup no one knows which is pretty much why on political forums we all debate fantasy instead of reality.


Moving goalposts is another term for negotiating.



I say split it down the middle and send it off. Dems gave 1.6 billion Trump wants 5. Send 2.5 and ship it.


Might take a bit more…3.2 to 4 billion is what I am thinking.

This is what kind of details need to be offered up by both sides.

I think the border agents are making a good case for crisis and need.

This also needs to be a continued effort and not just for 1 or 2 years.



All of those changes in goalposts happened concurrently with one another. One admin official will say wall… 2 hours later trump will say fence… that happens too often in the admin.

They are not negotiating… they are confused.


4 billion for what tho? Does anyone know? How much wall? How high? Is the a wall or fence? Where on the border?

With these details we font know if 5 billion is enough… it may or may not be.


That is why Congress needs to really examine the DHS reports and proposals.

NOT interrupt them.



This is really the issue. Not the dollar amount per se but the fact that everyone is confused about what the money is actually for.


So does Trump! He’s the primary messenger! I am not convinced he has seen the actual DHS report on what is needed for border barriers. He doesn’t remain consistent on his message and it doesn’t align with reporting about what DHS wants.


Also my understanding is that only some percentage of the previous budget request for this was actually spent. Why more money if the existing funds haven’t even been spent? But could be wrong on that.


They should share them with the American taxpayers as well… From everything I have read, the “report” or briefing was a laundry list of “facts” that need more detail… Sure, redact the parts that are classified, but basics like where and how the wall will be constructed are not classified. Why so little detail?