The #WalkAway "phenomenon"

So did you say the same about the #metoo or #blacklivesmatter?

These all started on twitter and they grew.
So this could start small and grow as well could it not?

Keep that faith alive.

Maybe if you believe hard enough, it’ll become real.

Joe Scarborough

By the numbers.

For example the total LGBTQ community in the US as of 2016 was approximately 4.1%. The total US population 18 or older in the same year was about 250 million. Little quick math says that means there are about 10.5 million voting age LGBTQ people out there.

Let’s dig a little deeper. In the last election only 50% of the entire electorate voted. Let’s apply that to the aformentioned number best case scenario. We are down to 5.5 million potential voters of this demographic. The last exit studies for the 2016 general indicate that this community went over 85% to the Democrats.

But just because I’m feeling generous, let’s just say the walk away farce did grow and somehow 50% of the aforementioned number were to actually walk away. You are talking best case scenario of 2.5 million people changing. And as you might imagine the largest percentage of these folks live in traditionally very liberal areas where they won’t bump the needle in the way you think. So there is your answer, it’s a matter of numbers

On the other hand black folks represent 12.5% of the population, and the BLM movement isnt just supported by black folks, it is supported by pretty much every race which is why it grew the way it did.

The same is true of me too, which was/is supported by not only every race but every gender, which makes it even bigger with a huge percentage of support bigger.

Lol “Hillary Clinton was raping children”.

You know, Smyrna, you are more than welcome to people like that.

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I’m gonna assume you didn’t bother to watch that video.

:joy: :rofl:

Or is Washington Post fake news again. I just checked YouTube, #walkaway gave “about 2,400 results”

If you filter it by view count, disregard the Music Video, the first three #walkaway videos have thousands of views:

639K 1 month ago
408K 2 weeks ago
322K 2 weeks ago

See for yourself, the next few pages have smaller counts, but still over 100K views and some of them posted just a week ago.

Last time I searched #walkaway there werent’ nearly as many hits, nor view counts and it was the Fox News video on this that was on top. Now its down #4.

These aren’t bot videos.

“and then come to find out that she (Hillary) be rapin’ children, eaten’ children.”

what? this is someone you take seriously?

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They fawned over Cardi B when she posted a video complaining about taxes.

This Russian bot

Correct but she still counts as a body that can vote.

She starts off her video saying she is NOT a Democrat. She is an independent voter who she believes the Democrats should be trying to sway to their side. How can she walk away from a party she was never a part of?

Good gravy man. Couple this one with the lady who said Hillary raped children, and you’ve really got some gold material man. Solid gold. :rofl:

Hell no. She’s a lib that “walked away” and nothing more to me than that.

I walked away in 2000, didn’t need a hashtag back then. I don’t vote for Republicans in the presidential elections either.

i need to go ahead and trademark #RunAway for after the Mueller investigation, trials, indictments, plea bargains, etc.

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“I spent thousands and thousands of hours listening to Trump supporters and why they voted for Trump.”

Thousands and thousands. Spending 5 hours a day for an entire year doesn’t even get you thousands and thousands.

“I’m a college educated person and I’m embarrassed to be right now”

What an odd thing to say. “College educated people are using ad hominem arguments so I’m embarrassed to be college educated.” What?

“I cut cable and I will never watch mainstream media again…I’m so much smarter than I ever have been.”

If that’s what has made you smarter than you ever have been…bless your sweet heart.


You obviously don’t know what bots are or how they work.

By the way just in case you didn’t know this. The YouTube view counter doesn’t count unique views. In other words one person can create a video, then refresh their screen 6 thousand times and it will look like it’s been viewed 6 thousand times. Don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Just imagine what targeted bots can do … well you’ve seen it.

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I was going to say the same thing. Lol.

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It’s interesting that he chose not to reply to any of us that pointed the crazy out on that one.