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What exactly does “Penalizing Progressive Prosecutors” mean?

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Read the article. Funding.

Yeah… but what makes one a Progressive Prosecutor?

Is this a Dirty Harry movie?

Well, where I live the DA won’t prosecute thefts under $700. Somebody blatantly steals your iPad right in front of you and no prosecution, because of diapers and food and stuff.
Now use force to get it back and the thief is injured and find yourself arrested.


Are they though?

Or are they not felonies?

Wow! The DA is really strict there. Some places the limit $950. :wink:

Same thought here.

It is the DA’s policy not to prosecute under $700. What difference does it make if it’s a felony or misdemeanor? Both can be prosecuted.

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McConnell needs to go and he needs to take Graham with him.