The US nuclear dome/coffin in the Marshall Islands is leaking

Seems like it warrants more attention than it’s been getting.

I’m not sure how the US can ethically or legally wash it’s hands of this mess. And the longer it’s not addressed, the worse the situation will get.

The ocean might be a big place, but it can also spread that radioactive waste far and wide.

We only have just over 11 years left until the end of the world so we dont really need to deal with it at all.


“ah what the hell. lets blame climate change”


Hell, CNN had to ask once if near-Earth asteroids were a result of global warming. May as well. lol


It’s all fun and games unless you’re living on one of those island nations that is barely above sea-water. Like the Marshall Islands…

The uncontrolled release of radionuclides is a real danger and ultimately the US is responsible for the mess. Containing the mess at Chernobyl has not been cheap and will be an ongoing liability for centuries. The same for these islands and they cannot be expected to totally foot the bill. Besides, it is arguable they are owed given the sacrifice they have paid so the US good develop and enjoy it’s nuclear deterrent and the hegemon status that conferred in America’s ascendancy. It’s the right thing to do in many levels to get that stuff contained.



This is what a global warming shakedown looks like. With or without rising sea levels, the Marshall Islands are doomed to eroding to nothing more than a sandbar.

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:laughing:. It’s been around 3,000 years but ok.

Probably not a great idea to bury nuclear waste there then.

How should the US go about cleaning up it’s mess here?

Where do you think all the radioactive fallout that made it to the upper atmosphere went?

It was sprinkled on everyone’s head from 1947 to 1962.

It remains today in shallow hot spots all over the world.

This is one good theory on why cancers have grown more common since then worldwide.

Should we look at the containment to see if a fix is warranted? Certainly.

Is this the biggest issue from the era on nuclear weapons production? Not even close.

Anyone that thinks climate “change” is an urgent issue has no idea what has actually happened in terms of global pollution and probably had a grandparent with too much plutonium in their garden.


Sorry that people are laughing at the ridiculous notion that “global warming did it” (not sorry) but don’t take it so personally, unless you wrote that idiotic article. :wink:

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Every so often the nuclear waste on that island is used as a lever to extort more money from the US by the iroijs.

The dome in question holds the waste of all 67 bombs that were detonated on the Islands. And also some contaminated soil you shipped over from Nevada.

And then you dumped biological weapons in there as well. All told it’s three million cubic feet of toxic waste.

I wouldn’t count on it being a slow release that solves itself.

Maybe you shouldn’t have buried it there.

So you don’t think it’s leaking, and you don’t think it’s the US responsibility to clean it’s ■■■■ up on this one?

The idea is that the rising water levels are now getting in underneath the dome where the US didn’t properly seal it, thus drawing out some of the waste to the surrounding waters.

As the water levels continue to rise, more and more will leech out.

Today I learned that advocating that the US clean up it’s mess is a shakedown.



Should be an easy fix to keep the water out. Blaming it on global warming though, talk about an effective way to buzz the hive. :rofl:


Just as I thought. You have no idea what happened when nuclear testing was done.

As far as the Marshal Islands…We broke it…We own it…We will fix any leaks.

Try blaming global climate change on nuclear weapons testing. That will be more plausible than anything I have heard so far.


Apparently it doesn’t matter that there is sea level rise.

It is natural and not caused by global climate change so we can ignore the effects.

Maybe I will throw in the words “Younger Dryas” because that might mean something.

We shouldn’t just ‘look’ at it but do something about it. The waste is known threat as rightfully point out and ‘fortuitiously’ centralized in a way that the fallout from earlier tests is not. When fallout really started concerning the public as the governments of the world tested larger and larger nukes we didn’t just ‘look’ at the problem. We put the tests underground. If we just ‘looked’ instead of acted and blew up another 800 nukes about ground on top of the 200 or so imagine your cancer rate concerns then.