The upside to the Biden election

The upside is that conservatives are not the only ones who will have to live with Biden policies. Libs get screwed too!

Every time I pay 8 bucks for a Big Mac because Biden forced people to pay high school kids 15 bucks per hour. So does a lib.

Every time groceries go up 100 bucks per month for the same reason. A lib pays too.

Every time I pay an extra 10 bucks per fill up in the name of climate change. So does a lib.

Every time I have to wait 10 months for a Drs. appointment because Biden gave foreign nationals free insurance. And legalized 20 million others. A lib waits too.

Every time a Muslim or Christian community gets wiped out because ISIS is rampaging again. ( I won’t be happy about this one. It’s tragic).

Every time an elite liberal has to stroll through a city and watch someone taking a dump on the side walk. I won’t see this. :wink:

When I see my 401k raided by the feds, while the feds leave their own pension untouched. So does a lib.

When companies contract due to a 7 percent tax increase and a huge increase of regulations, liberals will pay too. I won’t. I’ll be retired. :slightly_smiling_face:

When the feds extend the retirement age for you…again. While once again leaving their own retirement date untouched.

When trade agreements happen that favor China and the rest of the world causing a loss of manufacturing jobs…(again). Libs get screwed too.

When the welfare system goes totally bankrupt because Biden want’s to give it to any foreigner who strolls into our country.

When crime sky rockets because screening and deportations of illegals totally ends.

And my favorite? Liberals won the election but they’re still as pissed off as ever! :smiley:

Did I miss anything?

Sorry libs. You have to live with the mess you created too. Enjoy!!!



Oh Good Lord. Memes are getting so freaking cliché and boring. But if that’s all ya got, Sure.

You’re using a meme. Lol

But since you’re on the cutting edge of social media, here’s a TikTok video:

The only thing I will say is: You get screwed too. Yay!
And thank you for bumping my thread to the top. Double Yay!

I enjoy my grandma’s FWD:FWD:FWD emails from twelve years ago as much as the next guy.


His own words…he wants to get the hell out…but no one has done it better. The Trump schism on full display.

I will look forward to the OP being honest and give President Biden credit when he does something that benefits all of us.

I hope you enjoy having your 401k raided as much as the next guy. :+1:

Very upbeat.

People still have no awareness at how incredibly good it was for Trump to get us energy independence and to raise wages for the middle class.

Biden will bring that lesson home in a big way.

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All my assets are secure in cryptocurrency made by Jim Watkins.

Of course. It’s the Op’s fault that you chose a nit wit.

I look forward to GrandWaazoo being honest and showing his disapproval at any piss poor Biden policies that cause misery in the U.S. Don’t you?



I look forward to my 401k being “raided,” whatever that means.

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Secure? Says who? Nothing is protected from democrats. :joy:

I suppose that you also have 10,000 gallons of gasoline in your basement so that you won’t have to deal with massive energy price increases.

I guess you will find out soon enough. Do you look forward to paying for the insurance of foreign nationals?

I don’t mind, my only slight worry and I don’t think will happen would be if the democrats won the senate in Georgia. I don’t see that happening not even one race. We also have and historically tight house of representatives where the progressives are at war with the moderates of which who got hurt this election. Coming up in 2022 we will have the midterms which are never good for the incumbency.

So I am thinking the house flips back to republican in 2022 and the senate stays with republicans at that point Joe is very old he just broke his leg giving his dog a ball and if Harris is the president she isn’t that liked in either popularity or debates so I am looking at this as just a minor setback as nothing will pass and if some EO is issued that goes to far it will go to the SC and it 6-3 we know which way that will go.

He is and old lame duck basically starting in a lame duck environment.

That’s because their chosen news sources withhold real news.

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I will be honest with Biden’s performance. And I will call him out if he makes any policy that I disagree with.

And you think I won’t be? You took an unprovoked shot at me questioning my honesty. Now I’m supposed to believe you will be honest? Why would I?

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What’s the annual impact? Should I be concerned?

Also, what does it mean to have my 401k raided? I am aware of Biden’s plan to transition from income deduction to flat ~25% credit for contributions, which would have negligible impact given my bracket. Are there plans in place to take my money? I haven’t heard of this!