The upside to the Biden election

Where in that post did I question your honesty? And I really could care less if you believe me or not.
I guess you and I will just have to wait and see.

Annual impact? How the hell do I know? I appreciating you think I do know though. :+1:

But no, you should not be concerned. It’s too late for that. You should wait and see if Biden undoing all of Trump’s successful policies improves your life. Then don’t blame Trump. Fair enough?

You already know the answer. I’m going back to the topic now.

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Big mac is $3.99. Since your first statement is already false, no need to read further.

America’s Path To Energy Independence: The Shale Revolution (

In the history of American Energy Independence, September 29, 2016 was a significant day. OPEC was two years into a strategy to bankrupt the U.S. shale industry, by allowing prices to drop to unprofitable levels. The Shale Revolution had led to increasing U.S. output, such that by 2014 the cartel led by Saudi Arabia and Russia concluded that the continued loss of market share had to stop. Believing that the new U.S. supply was high cost, they expected a couple of years of ruinously low prices would drive these new producers out of business, allowing OPEC to subsequently profit as U.S. output slowed.

It turned out to be a colossal miscalculation, which led to the spectacular triumph of American free-market capitalism over 40% of the world’s oil output. The U.S. shale industry responded to the existential threat by innovating, cutting costs and becoming ruthlessly efficient. It was the only way they were to survive. They drilled deeper, and longer. They adopted multi-pad wells, which were vastly more productive. They crunched enormous amounts of data to refine their techniques, and made substantial IT investments. As a result, U.S. output dipped but didn’t collapse.

Etc. etc. etc…