The United States of America will default on or about June 1st, due to substantially lower than expected tax revenue in April

Somebody will have to blink first.

Republicans will probably get enough token concessions to save face and then drop this stupidity.

They have to know that they will get blamed for an actual default, which would be a heavy anchor going into 2024.

I think this will resolve between today and mid-May. Democrats will put just enough on the table for Republicans to save face and back out of this death trap.

never the democrats fault


Yeah, why are we so sure Republicans would “get blamed”? Seems like this would be bipartisan incompetence.

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Says a supporter of the hostage takers.

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Not in this instance.

Republicans could send a clean debt limit increase to the Senate and this drama would be over in hours.

Republicans are making demands using the debt limit, so anything that happens would be their fault.

Again, Republicans could pass a clean debt limit increase and this drama would be over in hours.


Everyone understands if you run up the credit card you have to pay the bill. Then, you argue about spending cuts during the next budget. Default is not an option.

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Don’t fall for the hype. The debt limit is the single, stand alone issue, and it is the Republicans trying to complicate it with the spending cuts.

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Same old dumbass song and dance when it comes to the same old dumbass debt squabbles.

Whoever hasn’t figured it out yet will always be too stupid to figure it out. lol


The worst thing is, the debt limit drama is unnecessary.

Republicans control the House of Representatives and thus no new spending can pass without their support. THAT is where they should fight the battle.

It’s not the dems fault they have been spending like total drunken sailors since Brandon took office.

Just cave in to them and let them continue to spend like drunken sailors and everything is “OK”. :roll_eyes:




Yu know that the whole reason the debt ceiling was put in place (it is 100% artificial) is so that from time to time the parties wills ti down and talk it out.

Joe Biden’s stance
“we needed to place conditions on the debt ceiling the times that I voted against raising the debt ceiling, NOW is different, NOW we need a blank check and anything else is . . well … . hostage-taking which is wrong when someone else does it.”


Due to spending like drunken sailors.

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It is congress’ duty to pay the bill for spending they have already okayed, the president has nothing to do with it and they should do their job and quit with the febrile shenanigans.

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Yes, I am well aware of the Republican fig leaf. I reject it, and history shows that the American people do as well.

If they crash the economy, they will reap the whirlwind


The GOP can, with some truth, be accused of playing games.
but the basic truth of a need for the gov’t to plan and discuss the debt ceiling periodically before raising it is a very important foundational tool of sound government.
Ranks up there in importance with the independence of the Fed, military run by civilians, Posse Comitatus etc…

The sweeping generalization that suddenly now and never before “only blank checks are okay, everything else threatens to destroy the economy,” is beyond rhetoric, it is very dangerous. A far better saner safer tact would be for Joe Biden so say “I support the right for the GOP to negotiate this by they are not negotiating in good faith.”

Of course he can’t even find a podium so he just reads what’s in front of him.
Old Joe, the real Joe, was a decent fella.

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Agreed. And both parties share the blame for never getting it done.

Nevertheless, the debt ceiling is it’s own issue, and should be addressed without games.

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I am glad we agree.
Let me press the point by saying I’d be on board with Biden saying
“It is important that we debate and discuss these issues periodically, but the GOP is not negotiating in good faith. They are playing some game. But I do not demand carte blanche and I will never say or do anything to put future officials in need of rubber-stamping carte blanche.”

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