The United States of America will default on or about June 1st, due to substantially lower than expected tax revenue in April

How many times have the Democrats pulled this crap when the roles were reversed?

Most of the deficit is caused by RW tax cuts, RW BS wars, and more RW tax cuts.
Look it up

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Well, what crap are you referring to?

Voting against a raise when it was being raised regardless, or threatening to default?

Because those are two different things, no matter how much the other side tries to pretend otherwise.

Playing hostage with the debt.

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

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Republicans have obligations to make sure the funds aren’t being wasted or abuse of funds.


Which do not require blocking the debt limit increase. The United States is REQUIRED to maintain full faith and credit and the debt limit must be raised to do so.

The proper place to stop waste or abuse of funds is in the appropriations bills. Republicans control the House of Representatives and thus must approve ANY new spending.

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Or reduce/cut spending.


So obvious.

Under Trump it was his fault.

Biden refuses to cooperate and somehow it ISN’T his fault.

So one-sided and harmful to the system.


Someone finally permeated the fog in Brandons cranium.

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It would be nice if they weren’t Democrat Lites often scrambling to spend more.

“Today in DC hundreds of inebriants vowed to someday stop getting drunk.”

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The problem is we hitting this debt ceiling about 3 months earlier than expected.

And that needs to be address.


When did Joe Biden vote against raising the debt ceiling?

The GOP has pretty much held a monopoly on using the debt ceiling as a political football for the last 40 years.


No, it isn’t. The discussion has to happen before the money is spent, not after.

Voting on whether to pay the bills already incurred is not a tool of a “sound” government.

Well I know of three times under bush the second jbiden voted against raising the debt ceiling. He has probably done it many more times in the fifty years he has been in DC.

Weird. It’s almost like you’re saying payments on the debt shall not be infringed on……

But we all know that can’t be the case because everything is infringable to the left.


The government is REQUIRED to do, or not do, a lot of things it currently ignores.

What makes the debt ceiling a special cupcake?


The 10th Amendment reserving powers not delegated to the federal to those besides the federal has been the most infringed among the infringed, as the federal has stolen many powers not enumerated to it.

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