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Man in Florida rams his vehicle on purpose into a tent full of Trump election volunteers.

Maybe we need universal background checks on all drivers licenses.

I think the fact that we continue to let “Florida Man” run free in society is a national travesty.


Read both stories.

One from local news station, one…not.

FTR, If the person who did this was for political reasons, that is sick, and he needs to be held responsible.

Do you honestly think a person intentionally ramming a voter registration tent and then flipping the people there off was NOT politically motivated?


this is what qualifies as a “unite the left” rally

They had it coming. Trump supporters are, at best, looking the other way on racism, after all. :man_shrugging:


I am going by the news report, not a political blog, pretending to be news.

Florida men have never been so deranged in my lifetime. Thanks Obama.

I suspected it’d be a man from Florida before I even read the article. Isn’t that funny?

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attempted vehic homicide.

still waiting to hear how this is bush’s fault.

i mean, trump’s

I’m sure it’s coming.

The “we don’t know it was political” is already being floated, just like during the baseball practice shooting.


quickly followed by “dont you dare paint all dems and bernie bots by this one act”

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That’s some funny ■■■■ right there.

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Runover Rubes Day


Terrorism. Pry Christopher Wray off from chasing white nationalists to get him.

Odds are It was just a Republican pretending to be a dem


driver was prob just looking for “u-krane” huh?

Not enough likes in the world for this one :heart_eyes:

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Or maybe a true conservative who’se pissed at trump over the sky high national debt he promised to bring down.

For sure a Bernie Bro