The Undeniable Rise of (fake) Hate Crimes

Somethings gots to be did. We’re told daily by the media, by Hollywood, and by liberals that we on the Right are racists, homophobic, bigots out to get anyone and everyone different from us, and that we’re lynching them in the streets! The only problem with those premises is, they’re not true. In any manner. Just because we disagree doesn’t mean we hate. For the most part, the violence and intolerance comes mostly from the left. So what happens the facts dont back up the rhetoric? Lefties fake it. This is the true crisis. Fake it and lie about it until it’s assumed to be true.

Smollett being just the highest profile example the last few months, there are hundreds more. Check it out:

Your so right there are no racist, homophobic, people in America its all a liberal conspiracy.

Is that what I said? Can you quote me please because I can’t seem to find it.

You’re right, they’re everywhere. Found a racist that was just in the news this week… Farrakhan claims to be Jesus in 'Saviours' Day' address: 'I am the Messiah' | Fox News

The intolerance comes from the left? Thats amusing…wrong but amusing.
The violence comes from the left?
That is also amusing…and well wrong…
Now scream lone wolf!

I found another…

AOC pulled a HRC in front of a predominantly black audience and stereotyped their labor.


Yes, the demand for hate crimes on the left is so high, and the supply is so low, they have to fake them to keep the narrative. Just like collusion was a fake, and the MSM stories had fake sources…

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Lololololol is that all you got… Sorry to burst your bubble but people of color have to live 2 lives … You have to professional at the job but when you are around your people you can relax… Sorry for this nothing berder

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There’s hate crimes on both sides of the aisle. I see one side perpetuating it more than the other, though.

True non-racism means seeing a person for their character, as human beings who deserve kindness, love, and basic respect (and more if they earn it). Regardless of their race.

The left distorts this meaning by claiming to be the party of inclusion, yet they play victim and blame white people because they are white. That is racism. Racism is based on race, not on an imaginary system (or more accurately, a debunked system) of oppression. Jim Crow laws were abolished long ago. Those that still claim a victim entitlement complex because of this, are racists and liars themselves. I see no one on the right doing this.


Got any real data to back that up?

Just look on political forums, on Facebook, and watch the many Youtube videos made about politics. Look on college campuses. Heck there’s even a paper published by a university student about the hopes for “White genocide.”

White privilege, for example, expects white people to pay respects to people of other races simply because they are white. How is this not racist?

Wow. Can you imagine the reaction if Trump had done something like that?
It would have been blazing headlines for a week on CNN.

Odd…I can’t find the coverage of this on CNN.

White genocide is a myth created by the altright to hate migrants due to high birth rates. This is the very lie that the NZ shooter used when he killed 50 Muslim


So, youve mentioned Smollett, linked to some bizarre website that isn’t worth wating your time on (seriously, just follow and read the first link at the top of the page…) and someone else linked an AOC piece.

First, what color is the sky int he world you live in where that piece on AOC is considered a hate crime? Bizarre.

Anyways, it’s not terribly difficult to find some details on this.

Not surprisingly, it remains the same as it always has been. Hate crimes are overwhelmingly committed white males against minority populations because of their race. Second is bias against religion.

These crimes are very much real. The case with Smollett does nothing to discount the very real rise in hate crimes. IMO, hate crimes are the most heinous and offenders should have the book thrown at them.

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No. You brag about your education all time. You should know the difference between opinion and scientific evidence.

Again. Do you have any hard data for your assertion?

“To hell with it all! It is not worth it. Too many white people will never value my humanity. So many whites in America will never be honest about their "hatred of black people. So, let’s close this class session on that. Let’s just say, ‘To hell with it all!’”

This opinion piece again and again judges white people for the actions of a hateful letter that was sent to the author. He then turns around and generalizes about white people all being racist.

The hostility is strong with you. “Scientific evidence” would be continuous observation of Liberal political forums, pages, websites, etc. and analyzing what they see, comparing it against the observations of other political parties.

I just did provide evidence. So read it.

“YoU BrAg AbOuT yOuR eDuCaTiOn AlL tHe TiMe.” Your perceptions are warped.

I am not hostile.

You again have merely given an opinion and stated it as fact.

I gave you credit for knowing the difference between opinion and scientific data. Maybe I was wrong.

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