The U.S: Home to the biggest crybabies in the world

Yes it ls. Let me know when you find it. I love it when libs come up with additional questions then ask me to research it for them.

It was a rhetorical question to highlight the fallacy of the claim that no American citizen wants to leave the USA.

What about the fallacy that somebody claimed that “NOBODY” leaves the U.S? Dude you speaketh with forked tongue. You can do better. Not a word of what I have said is false. Try to be honest for a while.

I have one. Election Fraud.

Why are democrats afraid of audits?


it’s being done right now. still no report…looks to me like the auditor are trying to making up results so not to embarrass themselves.

I know. And dems have fought it every step of the way.

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With armies of lawyers.

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If that is the case. Swear them in and make them testify under oath. Then charge them criminally for perjury. Nothing less would be acceptable for trying to undermine an election.


Yes. Make people liable for untruths.

At least the OP didn’t post another thread saying he roots for American teams to lose if he doesn’t like the politics of one of the players or this would be a stunning exercise in hypocrisy.