The U.S: Home to the biggest crybabies in the world

We live in the most free, just, fair minded, decent, giving, compassionate, loving, country the world has ever seen. We are so amazing that nearly everyone in the world who want’s to leave their home country want’s to come here. And when they get here, they fall in love with it and never want to leave.

But this is just not good enough for the incredibly high standards of woke libs. Nothing is good enough for them EVER. So what do they do? Become professional crybabies constantly whining that a America is simply not good enough for them. And until we put the politicians in complete, 100 percent control of every aspect of our lives we will never be good enough for the crybaby class. Only then will we achieve perfection.


This is why, of course, we need to make America great again.


This great country where conservatives always whine they’re being discriminated against…on social media…being duped into crimes by the FBI…pitching hissies when their guy doesn’t win?

Those crybabies?


Crying about people crying…Hmm. :thinking:


I actually agree with the sentiment that America is full of crybabies.

It’s a real problem…just not for the reasons some may think.


I know…Its getting to be so hard being Conservative in America…Can never get a fair shake

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America should never rest on their laurels.

Why would you want them to?

Oh please :roll_eyes: America has the same history of ■■■■■■■ over entire other countries for the benifit of a few powerful elities just like many other countries. (And then we act surprised when they hate us​:rofl:) We have by far the most imprisoned people who are then used as slave labor for the benifit of a select few.

America is far better than any country in Africa and SA but is on par with most of the developed world. The thing that really gets me is this delusional belief that US is some how Morally superior. You don’t even have to look back for examples, a very recent one is our disgusting betrayal of the kurds.

Obviously people in countries that have been ■■■■■■ over are going to leave. Europe also has the same issue.


You guys hate like literally almost every single thing that the American government has done in the last hundred years that doesn’t involve shooting people. ■■■■ outta here.


This is going well.

Stream of consciousness. Again.


No.They are complaining that their country just isn’t quite good enough for them.

Are you part of the crybaby group who thinks that the U.S. isn’t quite up to your high standards?


I don’t complain as much as you do about the state of things today, so there’s that.

So the U.S. isn’t doing quite enough for you? Not perfect enough?

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Whose slogan was “Make America Great Again?”

Hmmm…trying to remember…

Somebody who did not take a knee and claim his country is not worthy. He never once complained about his country. Making your country better does not mean you hate it. Is this helping your memory?

Besides, who gets inspired by “Build Back Better?”


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Huh? Im not the one claiming America is the most fair,just , free ,amazing ,sexy ect ect rofl.

You are the one proclaiming the superiority and amazing morality of America.

Would a fair and just country overthrow a democratic nation and install a brutal dictator so a few people could continue exploiting the finite natural resources of that nation?

That seem like something " the most free, just, fair minded, decent, giving, compassionate, loving, country the world has ever seen. " Would do??

What’s that again?

Wanting to make your country better doesn’t mean you hate it?

Hmm…why don’t you ponder on that for a moment and think of where you might be making some unfounded and biased assumptions…

Posts like these are why I keep coming back here. Thank you for never dissappointing, OP. :clap: :+1:

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