The Twitter Files


It’s all right here, in the thread. Consent decree, remember?

Going to law school has nothing to do with it. The information being sought under the consent decree relates to user information. It’s not enough under the consent decree for Twitter to go “we pinky swear we didn’t disclose any user info”

Oh and i liked law school :crazy_face:

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Yes. Applicable only to nonpublic information by consumers.
Established for the purpose of protecting users personal data from being sold by advertisesrs.
Being misused by the FTC to intimidate journalists investigating something that they know has nothing to do with the personal data of users.
And to create a chilling effect on journalists in contravention of the first amendment.

I do know.

We all did. Turns out its not that rare around here.

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Was there any nonpublic user information included in the Twitter Files?

Did Twitter perform the extensive privacy review that the consent decree obligates them to do beforehand?

But it has to work both ways. You can’t claim journalistic integrity to circumvent the decree… right?

So if that’s right even if journalists are involved the ftc gets a peek. Well it’s a lot more than a peek… because of the consent decree


I don’t think that a list of journalists should be where that peek begins. It seems to me they are using that decree to step on the first amendment. If it is documented that steps were taken to prevent misuse of private data like phone numbers, what difference would a list of journalists make? There is a potential chilling effect there.
Of course, contesting the demand is the first step.

Why not?

If they’re investigating whether or not the Twitter Files contained any nonpublic user information, I don’t where better a place to start than getting a list of people who were given the information, so they can be contacted.

Wow. No chilling effect there.
We’re from the government and we understand you’ve been looking int some dealings between Twitter and the FBI.

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I really think you’re over-estimating how scary it is to have the FTC contact you. At least for a journalist.

When the government wants to intimidate journalists (which they certainly have done) - they don’t send the FTC.

And journalists - just like public defenders, political activists, etc - know how to deal with that intimidation (Ignore it, and maybe call their lawyer).

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No? Who does it send?

Journalists being called “so called” journalists!? Oh, the humanity!

We can still call them “enemies if the people,” though, right? Preferably at mass rallies? Can we still do that thing because honestly that was kind of exciting.

Very well. We have levelled the playing field. Democrats and Trump hold journalists who they see as a threat in equal disdain.

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The Great Covid-19 Lie Machine


Libs with their censorship problem…oh wait there is no proof. What you’re reading and seeing isn’t what you think it is.


Believe what the libs tell you not your lying eyes. :grinning:


We had so-called doctors in here spreading the same “Trust (D)addy!” BS propaganda.

What times we live in when High School dropouts know more about combating illness than a college “educated” person. :wink:


You’re not paying attention then.