The trump stink. administration officals have trouble finding jobs

good. i think any company would hav eto think twice about hiring someone who worked for the trump administration especially in things liek national security that involved child seperations or teh muslim ban or other acts trump took.

according to one senior defens eoffical whos been looking for a job for 2 years he was told he was considered part of the “hitler youth”

if i was stil hiring people i would think long and hard about hiring anyone who held any type of mid level or higher position in the trump administration. their judgment and morals are sorely lacking


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Yeah, let’s take a moment to worry about the real victims here.


Having fun??

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I don’t understand how corrupt lib media susceptible people have absolutely no self-awareness.

They’ve been pointed in one direction and told to hate absolutely and without question for years now. It’s only intensified since Trump, but they’ve lost all perspective and rationality.

People need to calm the ■■■■ down.

This isn’t helping.


Hard put to think of a better way to radicalize someone then to deny them employment for their political views.


Wow …its almost like you missed the CEC covering the Clinton and Obama years

Translation: “We on the left are the fascists we claim to hate!” lol


Free marketeers, kvetching about the free market when it punishes behavior they approve of.

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Why are they applying for jobs at companies owned by leftist?

Why arent there hundreds of right wing companies offering them top dollar for being part of the greatest administration since Lincoln?

I am sure now that this story is out that companies like MyPillow will be rushing in to offer them jobs…

What could be more prestigious than employing a former trump employee?

For some reason I don’t rremember you having the same stance when there were posters on here claiming they fired employees for voting for Obama.

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Lot of people are losing their jobs for being at the insurrection as well.

You think it’s a good thing?? (no insurrection, just corrupt lib media susceptible propaganda)

Where was this opinion during the summer riots and the siege at The White House you all were laughing so hard about??

Be consistent.


Shopify deplatformed Trump merch.

I wonder if they had any idea there would be negative repercussions resulting from their actions. I found it fascinating that so many who made it inside were mugging and grinning for the security cameras.

It was surrealistic for me to see them apparently treating it as a lark.

You got him now.

Blacklisting for politics is good now.


Exactly. Plus the stinking administration left 4 years ago.


Cons rght here on these very boards were caling for exactly that

Yeah, but now some of that stench is back, but with more Botox. lol