The true age of mankind

How old do you think humanity is, and what are your thoughts on the civilization that thrived before the Flood?

What flood?

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When was this great flood?

2000 BC?

The Flood was about 13,000 years ago. It’s tied to the events that caused the Younger Dryas Period and subsequent end of the Ice Age.

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Show my knowledge.

Here’s my theory. Man didn’t have any real vision of god until man created granary and other ability to store food.

That was turning point. It was that point they had the time to start pondering about the universe…and what lays beyond.

Before then it was fight for survival.

But again what do I know. City lights have drowned out the night skies…and man lost his interest.

Genesis (among many other ancient writings from ancient cultures throughout the world) point to a time before the Flood where mankind used cut stone to build structures instead of fired ceramics. They also indicate a time long ago when there was a global civilization with a common language.

There world must have been pretty small.

I’m not saying that to be smart ass. Human thoughts is extremely powerful when they aren’t trying to survive.

Survival takes up lots of time and energy.

About 200,000 years.

There was no worldwide flood as described in the bible.

There’s evidence to suggest that our species has been here for upwards of 350,000 years.

There was also definitely a flood (actually, it was two floods; the first in North America, and the second in Eurasiafrica. Oceanic sea levels rose over 400 feet within a couple of decades about 11,500 years ago.

We live in a very exciting time of new research into our true origins.

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I’m interested in the two floods you were referring to. I had not heard of those events.

The first is referred to geologically as Meltwater Pulse 1a, which happened in North America. This was the cause of the mass extinction of the North American Megafauna, as well as the Clovis People who inhabited our great nation long before the current Native American tribes of today.

Coincidentally, this first flood happened right before the onset of the Younger Dryas Cold Period.

The second one, referred to as Meltwater Pulse 1b, happened toward the end of the Younger Dryas Cold Period, on the other side of the planet, which is where many of the currently preserved flood myths originate from.

These links are incomplete and don’t offer much except a gateway to further research, but I recommend reading into Gobekli Tepe, which is the oldest dated man-made monolithic structures on Earth. The Vulture Stone there tells of a global catastrophe that all but annihilated mankind in flood and fire.