The Trouble with Boys and Men

“In the U.S … the 2020 decline in college enrollment was seven times greater for male than for female students.”
“Among men with only a high-school education, one in three is out of the labor force. For those who have a job, typical earnings are $881 a week, down from $1,017 in 1979.”
“Mortality from drug overdoses, suicides, and alcohol-related illnesses … are almost three times higher among men than women.”


During the sixties, we had the draft and the Vietnam war to encourage young men to go to college. :wink:


Perhaps young men shouldn’t be encouraged to go to college.


Alpha males. We need alpha males.

Metro males are.the product of liberalism

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Fatherless boys


Young men. Should join the military and if they are mentally and physicalyy fit should apply for one of the soecial operator programs.

Saying that many special operators have advanced training and education.

Too much privilege?

The only group that all their problems are their fault instead of inherent in the system.


Gang bangers join gangs to be part of the family. That is what the jump in is for. Similar to joining the Marines. But the USMC is a good and honorable path.

Metro males eat way to much tofu and vote for something before the vote against something, gutless lib progressives.

If “men” was a product, it would be hard to find one that said “made in the USA” now days.


The terrible “Incel” thing is outrageous. It appears Canada especially has a deeply rooted Incel Problem. It’s in the US too.

40% of all children born in the United States are to single mothers. Not having a father present does impact boys worse than the girls.

40% out of wedlock is only part of the iceberg

50% of the remaining 60% (those born to married parents) are 18 or younger when they witness their parents divorce.

Odds of being brought up in a two-parent family? Less than one-in-three.

FOOTNOTE of those children who witness their parents divorce, more than half will witness their primary parent re-marry and divorce again.


Those on the Left cry about our so-called labor shortage, but the fact is that there are so many young men in the US that end up in gangs, crime, drugs, alcohol, etc., and hence do not become productive members of society.

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This…IMO…is the number one problem in our society today and the root cause of many others when you connect the dots.

This is a despicable fact that spotlights the bad turn our nation has taken.


We are on an unstainable trajectory as a nation. I’m 100% in the camp that America’s best days are definitely behind us.

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I think young men should be encouraged to join the military for 24 months or more but that’s just my opinion. They can choose to enter an “institution of higher learning” afterwards without getting jammed up in debt either.
Hopefully the Pentagon gets a thorough lubricated enema and flushes the woke leadership out beginning with Lloyd Austin. Betraying Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coasties by politicizing the Armed Services is unconscionable.
“Defending America from Enemies foreign and Domestic” as I recall and killing people and breaking things is what the US Military mission is and should be. You need men and women focused on that and only that. ■■■■ the rest of this woke bull ■■■■■

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I agree. It would be a huge step forward in a young man’s education in life and would solve many other issues down the road, in the long run for both him and our nation.

This is the result of generations of goobermint dependency beginning with the war monger LBJ and his “Great Society”, the removal of God from the public schools and the devaluation of the family unit.