The three week shutdown reprieve of today is merely a pragmatic survival measure by saner heads in the administration

I believe this three week reprieve from the shutdown is merely saner heads in the administration convincing the President that there MUST be some funding for the government over very bad things will happen.

And bad things were on the cusp of happening, some already beginning to happen.

The shutdown at LaGuardia was possibly a foretaste of a 100% shutdown of American airspace, had the shutdown continued. That would have had catastrophic consequences up and down the spectrum.

The courts were on the verge of failure and some courts were already failing, with one court dismissing its grand jury for lack of funds. It would not have been long before suspects would have been walking free for failure to meet speedy trial deadlines.

There was no victory here for Republicans or for Democrats. There was a reprieve for federal workers, but no victory for them either until a full year appropriations act is signed into law.

Today’s action was mere pragmatic survival-ism by saner heads.

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No it was a victory for a democrats. To claim otherwise is inaccurate. We have a moron for a President who stuck his foot in it with a fight he can’t win against an opponent he can’t match.

Pelosi won. And she represents the federal workers so they sort of won too. I hope they are reimbursed with interest as Doug Jones proposes and the money comes from a Republican cause.


When Trump said “I am proud to shut down the Government” it became all his and there was only one way it would end… with him caving.

Trump and Trump supporters are in a lot of ways like anti vaxxers.

They are like… we don’t have these diseases around anymore so why do we need to vaccinate?

They treat government the same way.

They hate it because they don’t understand what it does.


Until there is a full year appropriation bill in place, there is no possibility that either side is victorious, PERIOD.

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A full year appropriation bill will be hard to do.

Anything other than limping along like we have been for quite a while will be hard.

That’s impossible when the side that controls the government is incompetent and morally corrupt. As long as the GOP holds any power there is no chance of anything being accomplished or improved.

Victory for us libs is trying to slow how fast the right has us circling the drain of the GOP toilet.

I am not saying Pelosi won’t win but final victory is not hers AT THIS TIME.

She will most likely won, but we simply are not at that point YET.

The shutdown was as good as over from the first moment the FAA diverted/delayed a flight to LaGuardia. The ■■■■ that would’ve hit the fan had that continued scared the krap out of Trump guaranteed. His billionaire real estate buddies fly their private jets in and out of there.

This can’t happen in Canada Parliament has three chances to pass a yearly budget if they fail it trigger an automatic election and the the perivous budget is used till a new one is passed by the new Parliament.

That seems smart.

Victory for me is keeping the country from going down EITHER the Trumpist’s toilet or the liberal Democratic toilet.

Trump will pass from the scene, likely in 2020.

A Republican or Democratic President with a split Congress that would hinder either extreme from having their way would be nice.

That’s simply not true. In the short term, Democrats, Pelosi in particular, won by having Trump concede with no gain. In the longer term Democrats won, by teaching Trump a lesson, namely that he can’t muddle and bully his way around the House.

Its one of the perk of a Parliamentary system.

This is with all due respect because you are probably the smartest poster here, but I don’t think you would be able to back up your claim that there is a “liberal democratic toilet.”

You might have a different argument if Hillary had won…

Sorry to say.

The GOP has become a party that one cannot rely on anymore.

When they are in power they explode the deficit and harm our status as leader of the free world.

This is strike two on that front.

Going to have to throw my support to the party that seems more sane until the GOP gets the bugs out of their brains.

Sactuary cities
ICE should be disolved
Extreme regulations that raise prices
Extreme taxes on the wealthy (or have you seen pocahonuses new proposal yet?)

And a hell of a lot more

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We have been luck that when the Democratic Party has had undivided control, party leaders have kept a lid on the more liberal portions of the party. I hope that continues, but having a split Congress would ensure that the far left’s agenda is constrained by a hostile house.

I don’t want the Trumpist’s nativist agenda. But at the same time, I don’t want to hand the far left the unfettered keys to power. I would like to see a balance of power between the two extremes.

I am all for a wealth tax.

Hell. I would raise capital gains taxes to pay for a lowering of payroll and income taxes.

I have never understood why my idle capital is taxed at a much lower rate than my active labor.

Because the Wealthy write the laws.

I meant back it up with facts not talking points. Show your work.

Please and thank you.

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