The three week shutdown reprieve of today is merely a pragmatic survival measure by saner heads in the administration

I want balance as well. I would encourage you to consider that the supposed far left agenda is mostly falsehoods put forward by a conservative media machine with a financial interest in keeping people sca

Sanctuary cities are an important issue ICE shouldn’t be allowed to detain people without judicial review.

no one is going to dissolve ICE that is pipedream.

extreme regulation is a issue by issue thing there are some repeal even you would not support (like allowing mining companies to dump into streams)

There very much need to be an increase on capital gain tax.

Unless you are storing your capital in your mattress or have it buried in your backyard, it is not idle. If you have it in the bank, it isn’t idle.

I gained a substantial portion of my wealth by making sure my wealth was well engaged in capital endeavors.

would you support capital gain taxation to be bracketed similar to income tax?

Owning stocks is about as idle as one can get.

Beyond the IPO, that investment goes between people, not the company for funding.

I guess if I owned more bonds it would be slightly less idle… but it takes little effort from me to buy debt.

I have apartments, and renovating them isn’t idle… but once an initial investment of upgrading is made… pretty idle for a decade or so between having to do anything more than minor repairs and replacement of objects that I can write off and depreciate over time on my taxes anyway.

So yeah… much more idle than waking up every morning and going to go and do stuff in exchange for money.

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I would… absolutely

And that right there is why libers should NEVER be in power again.

Have you seen Elizabeth Warren’s proposal (That I can’t find any way for her to impliment in the constitution)?

I think ALL income should be taxed at the same rate (this isn’t a flat tax thing on this one)

I also think that the new Congress should take on white collar crime and offshoring of wealth.

Those two things are much more destructive to the nation than poor brown people coming here to try to be slightly less poor.

I gave prime examples of how many libs send America down the toilet.

Barack Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (January 2008)

Except many times we have the liberal’s saying what we say they have said.

Prime example a:

None of which are based in any sort of evidence or reality, but thanks for participating.

A wealth tax crosses party lines. But anyway…

Unearned income is taxed at a much lower rate than earned income.

With the new tax law… it actually encourages idle wealth. One of the least taxable things to do in the country right now is to own a ton of real estate and collect rent… have someone else manage is so you aren’t actively involved and your tax rate is lower than the middle class Schlub who wakes up every morning and sits at a desk… or works at a factory… or actually does stuff for a living.

Crazy… right?

President Obama is saying there that under cap and trade, energy derived from coal would be more expensive… which is true. Because the full costs of burning coal would no longer be socialized… but fully paid for.

Of course that isn’t what killed coal… but that is another thread.

Actually they are. If cities where to report illegals to the ice when taken into custody, paperwork could be started to get a warrant to hold them further. If ICE is notified of release date and time, someone could be standing outside waiting for them. How about a court that saw ICE waiting outside the main door for an illegal so they escorted him out a side door so he could be free.

70% income tax rate being proposed. Warrans crazy wealth tax. Those are based on reality.

Makeing everything more expensive by shutting down oil development and use Based in reality

Making everythign more expenxive by expensive regulations on business for carbon use

Everything is based on reality and evidence that the main liberal agenda is BAD for the usa.

Trust me. Trump supporters like Hannity are already assuring Trump he’s won this round. As a result, trump will likely shut it down again in three weeks. The shutdown may last longer… it may not.

One thing is for certain, though: Trump will get kicked in the junk again and not have any clue it was coming. Just like this time. He got housed and looks like a complete coward and a fool.

Drink that in, Trumplicans.

Being honest about the costs of modernizing a dangerous and wasteful form of energy production is far left? Is honesty reserved for the left?

I’ve NEVER seen a republic propose a wealth tax like the one pocohantus is floating, in fact never seen any other dem float this type of idea either. It’s pure theft (hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to making a thread on it).

You spend the money they pay you in rent, that goes into the economy.

And until any other RELIABLE 24/7 green power source is discovered, it will make EVERYONE’s rates go up.

Well… in a few years a am going to be accumulating cash from there and paying off the mortgage faster and then probably start to sit on a pile of cash like a dragon.

But yeah… I get your point.