The Taliban just beat us with small arms. 2nd A works.. Biden was wrong as usual

Obviously the founders knew why we needed the 2nd A. It took them 20 years but they won with AK-47’s.

Wasn’t Biden basically laughing at people who thought small arms could stand up to big govt. He was wrong again. This settles the argument.


“Why do they mostly only ever use 60lbs IED’s, knowing they can’t kill us inside the vehicles with those?”

“Ever seen how much a simple rubber brake line costs?”


We could have leveled the country with around the clock B 52 strikes, cruise missiles, drones etc…How would small arms stop that…lol. Look what we did to europe and japan with a lot less sophisticated weapons.



Are you pretending they did not bomb in Afghanistan?


How you going to bomb me when the pilot’s wife and kids live in my neighborhood?


Are you pretending we couldn’t have bombed a hell of a lot more and heavier than we did?

Like the MOAB. We used it. You are watching the news, right?

Obviously “we” couldn’t.

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Obviously “we” didn’t…Not that “we” couldn’t.

Why not?

Let me know when we bombed entire areas around the clock without regards to civilian casualties for months on end like ww2

I would say most likely for political reasons.

All our technology and superior firepower, and we still had to send in the Infantry to clear out those Iraqi bunkers when the bombings failed.



Did Iraq have just AK’s?.. I believe we pretty much took care of Iraq with just a month or so of air strikes back in 91’ correct?

Biden is a Moron. He thinks if he orders the U.S. Marines to occupy U.S. neighborhoods, they will comply.

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Thanks to ground units.


Do you honestly think that would happen?..lmao. But I’m sure you’re prepared with your emergency Patriot Food supply and your Patriot water supply in your emergency bunker…lol

Again…was Iraq a just a bunch of peasants with AK’S?