The Stock Market Seems to be Doing Really Well

We looted the public treasury to pump the market back up. That’s what happened.

Meh. The stimulus did it. No miracle. Put money into the economy and have people spend it. Economics 101.

The stock market indicates faith in companies to be able to provide the jobs when the pandemic is over.
Remember when predictions were 20-25% unemployed?
But blame Trump, not the Wuhan virus pandemic.

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I’m sure that millions of unemployed Americans are thankful that the stock price of major corporations have came back from their lows earlier this year. It really warms their hearts. :roll_eyes:

Please keep in mind the stock market being up doesn’t really have an impact on most Americans because most Americans don’t own stock. There is usually no impact especially if there isn’t any investments used in creating jobs.

So…who in here actually own stock or have a 401k or maybe a pension fund invested in the stock market?
I’m asking for a friend… 5I5s8

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It would appear that some are upset over this. :man_shrugging:

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Evolving metrics. Just like with the Chi-NA flu.


The same Trump who was reviled for thinking about the economy during a pandemic.


Was he? Huh, no wonder the libs don’t like this recovery. :thinking:

People with money decided the risks of the market were worth it compared to the anemic returns of bonds.

Nothing more complicated than that.

He wasn’t responsible for either.

Pretty amazing that the market under Obama doubled, huh?

the reality is, we are looking at incredibly rare and unusual circumstances.

The dip was caused by states forbidding companies from operating. the gain in jobs came from states saying they once again could do business.

these are not normal times. This is not a normal crash and recovery.

Trump related all coven responses to the states. He gets eight blame for the crash, nor create for teh recovery (such as it is…and it is, I fear, thin…)…

Trump relegated all responsibility for teh pandemic to the states. He gets neither blame or credit for the UE caused by it.

At this rate Jeff will own everything that Elon doesn’t make first.

I love the current local economics. But I’m in a weird position to capitalize on this ■■■■■■ up situation.

I have deep concerns for the long term economic outlook, and am thinking we are in for a global depression the likes we have not seen.

Regardless of who is elected next, and to an extent regardless of who is in office now.

Global depression, eh? I’d better buy more seeds.


Damn…now sober up your fellow libs with this truth. :sunglasses:

I’m stocking up on toilet paper and buying Charmin stock.



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