The Stock Market Seems to be Doing Really Well

Didn’t it tank earlier this very same year? Something like a 10,000 point drop right?

What changed?


Yeah, 10% of the country is unemployed, but somehow stocks are fine. How did that happen?

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Traders have a positive outlook on companies.


Traders don’t care about the unemployment rate.

Only the companies fundamentals.


That’s what I’m asking. :man_shrugging:

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Maybe, just maybe, and hear me out here, the stock market is no longer indicative of a good economy.

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No longer indicative? What happened?

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I mean the market more than doubled under Obama and the economy had anemic growth for most of his term.

Jobs yes. But GDP wasn’t anything to write home about for most of his 8 years.

And the market DOUBLED.

The stock market is not the economy.

Keep on repeating that until it sinks in.


So what happened that the market recovered from the largest dip in history?

As I said before it’s all how traders view companies fundamentals.

Right now the fundamentals for a lot are companies are good.

The stimulus has prompted spending and that adds to the bottom line of companies.

The dip was pre stimulus.

The govt did a good job with the stimulus esp the PPP.


They seem to have. Has the stock market ever regained 10,000 lost points like that?

Could it be, that Trump attempting to settle the nerves of the American people, regarding the early on certain death being blown by the media, combined with the stimulus, over time, having this positive effect on the stock market? :sunglasses:

Nope. And never lost the 10,000 that fast either.

It’s like the record job growth we have had in the past few months.

People regaining their jobs.


Pretty amazing recovery, huh? Two months ago, the general attitude was, “So much for the stock market.”

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Is it possible that the DOW could still hit 30,000 this year?

If Trump was responsible for the crash, certainly libs give him credit for the comeback…amirite? :sunglasses:


Oh, let’s not be hasty. lol

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I’ve called my broker and suggested that he sell and cash in what ever possible by the end of September. If there’s going to be a big, negative swing…historically…it’ll be in October. Let Trump get reelected…the libs to finish yelling at the sky again…and then buy.

My broker and I have a deal though…don’t listen to me. :sunglasses:

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Arsonist and firefighter… I like it

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Can not be please no matter what…now that’s TDS plain and simple. I like it. :sunglasses: