The Stock Market Seems to be Doing Really Well

I’m hooking my well up to solar panels. I have a bidet now. lol


So do we all agree that the government giving money to people who’ve lost their jobs and businesses is an effective strategy for staving off economic disaster?

Well…as long as those being paid aren’t government officials that mismanaged their local/state budgets, that are now asking to be bailed out…nationally…I’m ok with it. :sunglasses:

You’re okay with bailing out private citizens?


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I don’t see a way around it.

The economic damage of this virus is just beginning to be felt.

I sure hope I am wrong, but I think we are in for decades of pain.

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Seems like the big businesses are very happy with the results of the lock down, which has by and large just impacted small businesses!

Not likely. Economically speaking the mortality rate for this virus is not much of a problem at all. That’s one of the reasons the Market has been doing well.

As far as I can remember, Trump is the first POTUS that has tried to convince people that the stock market is a major indicator of the health of the economy.
It is soft of like the myth that the POTUS has the ultimate influence on gas prices.

Folks have to remember that a whole bunch of key industries kept going with the only change is that their people changed to working from home. And some industries (like the airlines) got gobs of government bailout bucks. What will be interesting is when the layoffs start. All of the major airlines have announced big numbers. And that might hit the market hard.

Trillions put in the market by money printing just like during the Great Recession. The massive kicking of the debt can to the next poor sap who takes over the POTUS.

The Fed - did a flyover awhile back over Wall Street


I’m not following your logic.

This virus has led to 180K dead WITH pretty severe closings in economies. As states open up, we see cases and deaths rise, forcing some to close again.

States that are keeping cases and deaths to a minimum have stifled economies.

The only way presently to keep deaths in check is to limit contact and keep economic activities like concerts, movies, indoor dining, indoor bars, indoor shopping, severely limited.

Decades? Wow, that’s pretty gloomy alright. I might have to install a rain catch as a backup.

80% of those who have died are 65 and older. Economically speaking that’s a manageable situation, which is one of the reasons for why the market is doing good. One of the other reasons is that the shutdown is largely hurting small businesses, which actually is good for big businesses.

But not protests.

Good points. Apple’s stock just went up 300%.

Much of Wall Street is happy with the shutdowns. Remind me who has been pushing for more shutdowns?

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decades might be hyperbolic.

Decade singular seems about right. Not 10 years of depression mind you, but 10 years of recovery to pre-covid economic levels.

I hope I’m wrong.

I just think we’re glossing over the damage to the fundamentals of the economy right now.

It’s not economically manageable. People over 65 spend TONS in our economy. In the service sector, health care, real estate…they are big spenders.

Economies don’t thrive with big businesses owning the market.

Corn meal likes heater telephone.

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