The squad remains intact

As Omas wins primary.

“Omar, seeking her second term in November, easily defeated Antone Melton-Meaux, a lawyer and mediator who raised millions in anti-Omar money, and a third candidate.

She expanded her base by winning 57 percent of the vote against her two challengers during the election cycle, compared with her 48 percent victory in the 2018 primary.”

The primaries so far have shown the squad to have staying power, much to the chagrin
Of republicans.

57%. That’s says a lot.


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We already knew that Democrats keep moving left.

If they keep doing that for 20 years time they will be left of centre.


Sure buddy.

18 years ago on the Sean hannity forum, I suggested that same sex marriage would be the law of the land in the United States. And was given an equal assurance that it would never be.

Nations evolve.

We have as a nation.

Always have.

Always will.



It’s all about the Jews and the Benjamins baby!

Keep that summer of love going…amirite? :sunglasses:

Minneapolis is a mess, businesses leaving… so keep the same people there!

Yes. The left will always lie about it’s true intent and the extent of its goals.
Many of us could see what was coming.
That should be a lesson to the naive among your ranks who believe or pretend to believe that marxism will never prevail on the US. While you© people fight against us who fight against this invasive ideology, the marxists are using the tools of the trade to bring down the nation that is sought as the most desired destination of rufugees from failed ideologies around the world.

And yet, there they are…

Evolution is subjective.

In some ways, some would say we are devolving, not evolving. Myself included.

Some change over the past 15 years has been good, such as gay marriage. Other changes, not so good.


100 years. The red scare is now 100 years old. A century later and you guys are still fesr mongering. This country has an actual communist movement and yet Marxism never took over and yet any day now.


It took over your country.

The voters have spoken.


These are the same people that think Cuba is gonna fold any day now, so keep that trade embargo in place.

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We are finally on the verge of eliminating Social Security and Medicare. Not in law, but in funding.

Sounds like a left wing nation?

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As someone who grew up in the 1980’s I don’t see things as getting better. Education has become ridiculously more expensive and increasingly ineffective. Race relations are not any better. 50% of percent of children born in America are from people living in poverty, a huge increase from when I was a kid. A steady decline of the family. Tax burden and cost of living is substantially more, at least in all the liberal states. The costs of healthcare has substantially outpaced inflation. Is homelessness better today than years ago? As far as I’m concerned the biggest existential threat to America is illegal immigration. No country can absorb millions of the world’s impoverished citizens in mass without having substantial negative economic, social and environmental impact.

It’s proof the central government has tried but failed to manage our personal lives. The left looks to big government. And aside for the constitutionally allocated powers of of the central government, the central government almost always fails. But the left keeps trying. Without our fight against the left, the left would prevail.

We kept it contained.


That’s why I said the modern era is devolving in some ways.

IMO, our biggest threat is one that has been plaguing us for the better part of two generations now.

Fatherless homes.