The senator Rick Scott tax the poor plan

The other day senator Rick scott released his 11 point plan to help America.

One of his proposals was to poor, requiring all citizens to pay income taxes.

My take is that is total mistake.

Taxing the poor is a really bad idea.

What does the forum think about making everyone pay income tax?


What is “poor”? Can you use the definition that’s with in this “plan” you speak of or maybe post a link?


Everybody should pay something even if it is only a little.

That’s why the 47 percent who pay no federal income taxes are always clamoring for increased income taxes among the 53 percent because it doesn’t affect them and some of it filters back to them in the form of freebies. :roll_eyes:


You can donate more to the less privedged. My heart goes out to the less privedged legal and American born citizens.

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Libs don’t help poor people, they vote to force others to help poor people.


I believe in a progressive tax system, I also believe everyone should have skin in the game and I wish there was a way to only pay one tax. It would be great for everyone to knew exactly how much of their money went to taxes.




The left’s version of, “Just have the maid do it!”


I believe a person shouldn’t have to pay a single penny in taxes until their basic needs are met. Society can determine what those basic needs are and how much.

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Some are probably doing it to benefit themselves as well. Increase the freebies.

Trump uses the tax code and gets away with paying no taxes for a decade and he’s a tax genius. If that’s the standard poor people are tax geniuses too.

I say we start with one pound of meat, one pound of veggies, and one pound of cereals per person, per day.

The people taxing us are eating waaaaay better than us.


You forgot the cheese.

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And some know that they will be paying for it. :thinking:
Libs believe in a safety net.

Dairy is good too.

I don’t know if that’s sarcasm but society literally establishes the public assistance metrics for individuals in order support their basic needs.

Yes, can’t forget the cheese. But again libs will say meat is bad for you so we are going to give credit for meat. Fish too. We can’t being killing innocent fish. Oh wait…isn’t cheese bad for you too? Can’t give tax credit for cheese. Tofu yes. You can eat all the tofu you want.



Haven’t you seen me say it before? I don’t think government is entitled to one penny of your money until your own needs are met.

This isn’t about what people are entitled…it’s what government is entitled.

And yes their is fundamental differences between two philosophies.

So no it’s not sarcasm.


Might be pushing it if we suggest bacon? :wink:

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