The Second Impeachment of Donald Trump Begins Today

Well, here we go again:

The single article will be “incitement to insurrection.” Will be introduced today, voted on most likely by Wednesday. look like it will pass easily and there’s quite likely 67 votes in the Senate.

BS charge, doesn’t remotely pass the legal threshold for such a charge. Trying to subvert the election would be better. His phone call to Georgia officials would be a much better impeachment charge than his speech to the rally.


If inciting an insurrection against the federal government doesn’t rise to the level of an impeachable offense, I don’t know what would.

Except he did no such thing.


Check the news out sometime. You’d be amazed what is on there.

Would I?

The majority of Americans disagree with your opinion.

But there is no credible evidence! Just like there was no evidence that there was election fraud!


Trump never incited an impeachment. There’s no evidence!



Lol at these conspiracy theorists.

A sexist mob was persuaded to believe that many women were witches during the Salem Witch Trials. Just because a majority holds an opinon does not mean that opinion is integral or intellectually sound.

76 million Americans disagree with you on the 2020 election fraud.

Last time I checked a majority of Americans believed in ghosts.

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81 million Americans agree with me and 81>75


Impeachment is a political trial not a criminal one


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There are still requirements by law that must be satisfied before the articles of impeachment can be drawn out. I think that is what he’says referring to.

There is no legal threshold for impeachment

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Still confused? Thinking he should be impeached is not the same as thinking every charge leveled against him is an impeachable offense. If you think he should be impeached for this, does that mean someone saying he should be impeached for a bad combover is a legit reason to impeach?

Yea clearly. What could he have been impeached for on day one with your argument?

It sounds like you say that in theory but in practice oppose all impeachment attempts.