The 'Rona Truth in One Thread

I tend to agree. I hope it’s not just wishful thinking on my part.

Well imagine that…


Practically useless info, that was alpha.

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That is dog bites man stuff that we know. I liked this qualifier…

However, researchers did say that airborne droplets are notoriously difficult to study, as the vast majority of indoor aerosols originate from candles, dust, outdoor air, pollution and food cookers. However, under most conditions, exhaled aerosol droplets rapidly lose both moisture and heat through evaporation.

So, yeah …


Imagine that…


where does biden get the authority to dictate that insurers must provide free services?


Then how are so many people catching it so easily?

Close proximity would be my guess. And or indoor crowds.

Shedding spike proteins from the vaccinated could play a role in it.

Yep. Think about the NFL. The 2020 season, prior to vaccination had very little infection. Post vaccination and everyone was catching it.

Those long term effects they (liars like Fauci) said they don’t know about.

You know, in the Revelation to John the term normally translated as sorceries is the root for pharmacology.

***Covid infections are falling in the U.S. for the first time since the Omicron variant erupted at the end of 2021. The nation recorded 721,651 new cases on Monday, a steep fall from the 1.364 million cases reported last Monday. America’s new daily case average has also dropped 10 percent over the past seven days, from 766,939 to 684,457. ***

A analysis of Johns Hopkins University data found there were 717,874 new cases recorded between midnight Monday and midnight Tuesday. Monday is often the day when reported case counts are highest as lagging figures from the weekend are finally reported.

Looks like the crisis has passed as expected.

All the authoritarians can go jump in a lake.

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…and national herd immunity by Valentines Day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :tumbler_glass:

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Funny that the UK reports this first.

Also funny our resident experts are slow to the punch.



In the UK, cases are continuing to decline after a massive surge struck the nation last month. The country recorded 84,429 new cases on Monday, and the daily case average has fallen to around the 100,000 mark - and will likely only fall further in the coming days.

South Africa is now recording less than 5,000 new COVID cases per day after reaching the heights of more than 23,000 per day only a few weeks ago.

Should we be happy and not punish the unvaxed any more? Will natural immunity count now?

These and other pressing questions await a covid lamb world.

Bejing Olympics will be fine.

I wonder if the lack of tests has anything to do with the drop in “cases”?

I assume “cases” refers to positive tests?

Good question. I would say not since the positivity rate would also indicate the drop.

Certainly a well respected data reporting agency like Johns Hopkins would be all over an anomalous report due to a shortage of tests. I typed that with a completely unchanged facial expression.