The 'Rona Contagion Cure!

Well ■■■■ !

Make the world a better place, get rid of skank breath at the same time.

Now gargle for 30 seconds and GO LIVE YOUR LIFE!

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Who knew? The worst plague in the history of… everything, Listerine.

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It works great…I haven’t caught Rona.



“Deactivate” 99.9%

Yes. Are you gargling?

I heard this posited on a news segment a few months (3-4) back.

Sorry I didn’t think to post it.

I just figured it was widespread news at the time.

If only this was known before folk starting gargling bleach.


Repeat a lie often enough…


…and soon enough there’ll be a Trump supporter thinking it’s gospel. :wink:


And your breath is oh so fresh.

“Though the researchers didn’t specifically test SARS-CoV-2 in the study, the novel virus is genetically similar to the other human coronaviruses tested, leading the researchers to hypothesize that the results would be similar. “

Well ■■■■■

Nay sayers! Science deniers! 99.9% deactivated!

Well ■■■■■ Haven’t tested Covid 19. I’ll reserve judgement for that study.

How long does it last?

Now, about the virii that are in your respiratory system and not your mouth…


In vitro study. Interesting but useless.

When they show in vivo efficacy along with a reasonable dose/use protocol, let us know. As we’ve seen before, lots of things work outside the body in non physiologic conditions.

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I’ll incorporate it into my daily regimen. What have I got to lose…cept another 30 seconds of time.

This is my question too. :point_up:

How did it get there? When you answer that…then ask yourself…why are we being asked to wear masks?