The rise of New Venezuela from the ashes of the DNC and the do nothings

Power to the people: Bernie calls for federal takeover of electricity production.

Sen. Bernie Sanders has put nationalizing health insurance at the center of his presidential campaign, but his proposal to fight climate change also calls for nationalization of a hell of a lot more. Are you happy with Bernie and the Squad, libbies? What the ■■■■ is happening to our country.

In other news the idiot John F Kerry is cursing up a storm.

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Yes this would be dumb.

There are already a lot of low carbon energy producers that are finally becoming competitive.

This would kill them.

…and John F. Kennedy in his grave

We need to privatize medicare, not expand it!! My parents don’t pay enough! Screw 'em!!

Bernie reflects the new Democratic Party, the Party that funds Steele dossier 's to help criminal Presidents spy illegally on Americans.

Did someone say…VENEZUELA???


Income inequality.

New Venezuela Indeed! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The new capital of the Great State of Libtopia!

(Borders Taxachusetts FYI)


…not to mention, effort inequality.


I do not agree with Sanders on this.

Minimum skills, minimum wage!

A fact of life.

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These are destabilizing times. It’s part of what helped get Trump elected in the first place.

Yep. Good for you?

You think so? You should have been around during the end of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Those were much scarier times. Although I’m still not able to fully relax, these are rebuilding times my friend.

What’s destabilizing about these times is that in those years nothing really changed. The banks got bailed out and everyone else got thrown to the wolves. That’s why Trump was able to get elected by saying the system was a scam.

Better for the country to except these facts and not the garbage these sick Socalists are spewing!

That is a result of Globalist Polititions sell out the American people!

Yep, they sold everyone out. That’s why there’s so much instability.

And the fake news is on the front line making sure it stays that way.