The rise of New Venezuela from the ashes of the DNC and the do nothings

Is this your source?

It even starts with “Sen. Bernie Sanders has put nationalizing health insurance at the center of his presidential campaign, but his proposal to fight climate change also calls for…”

Not sure I agree with nationalizing with makers of power, but I do think the grid should be public owned (state and local though, not national)… same with cable, fiber, etc. Basically make public what’s not possible to have private competition with.


Using the force of government to mold this market won’t work out like the plan calls for.

Right now the USA is a net energy producer.

I would prefer we don’t mess with this winning hand.


The only destabilizers I know are the do nothing dim obstructionists

Camp that does not fit the Squad’s narrative.

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Well it is your source, among others

Do you agree with him on everything else?

I agree with him on some things… others not so much.

Are you going to vote for Bernie?

ok, then…

There are some things where the profit motive is not the best way to provide basic needs. Power for the home. Water. Internet. Basic healthcare.

Or as you state, natural monopolies. One cannot have multiple pipes of water, multiple line of electricity, gas, or internet coming to homes or businesses.

Wait, so you didn’t see this article? It’s just a coincidence that you are using the same wording for part of your post?

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Weeeelll… internet you can. It can be delivered over fiber, copper, coax, or over the air. On the other hand you also get these weird mixes where like here in SF you can get fiber internet from AT&T or Sonic, but if you get it from Sonic, its actually delivered over AT&T’s lines which sonic leases.

Very true…once 5G is live, and affordable, that gives more competition.

What you describe regarding sonic/AT&T, is what a lot of European countries do…

And internet is much cheaper there…and faster, than here.

I am so stealing that.

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I see this isn’t your area.

Let us weep for the utility companies that rape my wallet every month.

“rape?”. i hope you are being sarcastic

electricity is cheap. and in this country, clean

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