The Rending of the Government Fabric?

What disagreement. Who is running on that on the federal level?

I am sure there are party memebers who are trans norming. The party is not pushing trans norming

Demonstrably false.

How about you? Up for cutting the breasts off minors? Sorry, dems are toast.


Didn’t think you could answer.

Moral panic BS.

Yet you insist.

The super libby Libby lib governor of Utah rejected the trans sports ban saying that this was a panic over a handful of children.

I am happy to see the super Libby Libby lib lib governor of Utah understand that it is a moral panic to whip up the base.

But you see… Democrats…. Propaganda works.

Was that supposed to mean something?

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Another tear.

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Dems are toast. I am sure that the red wave will be significant but it won’t be anything different form 2010 meaning that it isn’t going to be permanent. See ya then?

But yes that article did prove me wrong. I will take my comeuppance

My point was that the party isn’t pushing transgender normalism but that article does make your point that they in fact are even if not as part of their platform.

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It will be permanent unless the left moderates their position, no way Americans are signing on for paying to cut the breasts off young girls sorry.

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Americans don’t care as much as you think they do. CRT will be a bigger club than this.

But that’s not even why - It won’t be permanent because the country is centrist and doesn’t like giving one side power for too long.

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Or is it the side going beserk when it has the power? “We have a MANDATE!”

Every time.


Yep that too

Government can not give you the life you feel you deserve.

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Still haven’t figured out what a republic is?

“The Party” pushes identity groups.


Thanks to all for the civil discussion. I have no doubt we will revisit this topic.