The removal of the speaker is an example of MAGA politics

Gaetz’s actions to remove MacCarthy is a great example of MAGA politics.

  1. It’s a manufactured issue. There is no real compelling reason to remove the speaker. Doing so isn’t going to pout the MAGA caucus in the majority. It’s not going to change the slim majority the GOP has in the house. It’s not going to change the fact that most members of the house want to support Ukraine.

Gaetz did it because he could. It’s the gun over the fireplace in a Checkov play, the stove your mom told you not to touch.

  1. It’s not based on reality or truth. MacCarthy had no real political choice but to work with the Dems to sign a CR. To shut down the government would be political suicide.

Furthermore, 95% of the GOP caucus supports the Speaker. There is no great movement afoot to oust him. And again, it changes nothing about the composition of the house that requires compromise.

To not recognize that reality is crazy.

  1. Its steeped in hypocrisy.

You’re mad that the Speaker worked with Dems to keep the government open?

You just worked with Dems to oust the Speaker!!!

  1. You are afraid, or too lazy, to do the real work.

Gaetz doesn’t want to be speaker. Why would he? He’d rather just shout and yell and cry about whomever is in that position.

That’s way better for his true goal - getting attention, raising money, being a darling of the MAGA movement.

  1. It makes things worse - for you and the country - not better.

So now we get to waste time and money to install someone who will be much like MacCarthy, and who will have EXACTLY THE SAME constraining conditions to work with. Instead of debating budgets, debating policy, moving things forward, we get to have a show starring Gaetz.

  1. It lays bare the truth - politics is hard. Running the government is difficult. This is a job for people who understand the task, and aren’t afraid to work.

This reminds me of so many MAGA issues du jour. Trans issues, school curriculum, the border (not denying real issues there, but speaking to the MAGA approach to it)…

Thanks for coming to my Tedd Talk.


Exactly! The DC political establishment has hit a brick wall on the right side.


Here’s where the arrogant lib soap box addicts tell us all what’s wrong with the GOP and how they can be fixed.



You know…like the murders and crimes in Baltimore, Chicago, LA, DC, St. Louis…defund the police… …:crazy_face:


I’ll take that over a party that believes that the answer to everything is more government and an open border.


MAGA fixations by liberals is a manufactured crisis.

Lets make America great again. We need to get debts under control and legislate for the people and become a real congress again. Tightening the purse stings is going to be a little rough but it is necessary.

The idiots who throw money around and squander our national treasure has placed a rather large financial strain on our future generations.

Cut up liberalism credit cards :wink:

Oh, lets defund Ukraine and let the EU pick up that tab.


and goes along with…Q. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


They cannot fix ■■■■■ The One Horse Dog Face Pony Soldier is a living example of ĺiberalism when he cannot put a rational thought process together.

Who the ■■■■ is the puppet master behind his curtain.

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My favorite part about how hard the libs are yukking right now is, no normal or average person in this country had a clue who McCarthy was, much less was at all affected by this ouster.

Let that steep for a while. It’s beautiful. :wink:


I still do not have a clue who Kevin really is or what he has done for America.

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But these libs all did. They know more about him than his own family does.

Same with Trump.

Same with Kavanaugh.

Same with everyone they hate.

Those types of libs dig deeeeep. These are not normal things that normal or average people do. These are demonstrably psychotic traits. :wink:


My take, the Dems cried and moaned over the debt ceiling. Their representatives voted to remove McCarthy. They gleefully supported the move. So in November, will the same Dems take the blame when a CR can’t be reached because they dumped the guy that brought them the last two?


Toddlers have no concept of accountability, much less to that degree. :rofl:


Definitely. I just find it funny that the side that demands government must run! is the same side that voted to break government.


And did so with glee in their eyes.


Listen up OP. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


MAGA politics is far superior to the wokelib/socialist/communist politics of the left.


The Dems may well have been out maneuvered.

Let’s see how it plays out.

The thread starter swallowed the hook.

McCarthy did not appear all that put out or even surprised by the move or vote.

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In unison…key point.

The irony in this thread is kind of interesting. We have the MAGA folks, who worked with the democrats to oust the speaker, denouncing “libs” (which, as used on this forum, is a word without meaning). I guess congratulations are in order to the MAGA reps for turning into bipartisan representatives.