The relocation of liberals to red states

It’s not stupid, it’s just a natural progression.
More people need more stuff, and now truck traffic is tearing up your local roads, busting pipes and collapsing road shoulders. Taxes have to go up.

And not just in your neighborhood. Every town in-between your town and the the nearest interstate has to raise taxes for their roads too, or build bypasses.

All that new infrastructure brings more retail and the process continuously repeats.

Will they vote for what screwed up their last place or not?

It’s not up to a vote. It’s inevitable. Certain levels of civilization have associated costs. Nobody will vote for higher taxes because they love having less money, but they will vote this or that fee if it fixes the town’s low water pressure.

It’s not up for a vote, but they’ll vote?

There are also lots of manufacturers that got burned by the supply-chain disruption. They will be looking for places to store inventory and build redundancy. They’ll come knocking on city hall doors with lots of cash. Where they go, the metropolitan ecosystem will come with them.


people should do what they want for their own personal reasons, as it is a personal medical device

I agree, but I wish more people did what I do…but it’s an argument no one will win. I can’t sway people and they can’t sway me. Right?

Money doesn’t equal liberal.

I agree with that. A lot of conservative leaning folks choosing politics and cheaper real estate.

Sure. But I was responding to

Again it’s been polled, the large majority of covid state migrators are red people fleeing blue states. Enjoy the homeless tax base blue states.

Sure, but also doesn’t bear on my point.

One thing not considered in these discussions is “blue” and “red” may not mean exactly the same shades they do now. There’s absolutely Democratic voters that have buyer’s remorse with Joe Biden and no interest in what the hard Marxist segment of the left has to offer. Same with Republicans, as the Virginia governor race largely eschewed Trump and they probably wouldn’t have swept those seats if the former president held rallies in Arlington.

Maybe it’s just because it’s Thanksgiving and I’m feeling somewhat generous, but it’s starting to look like both factions are beginning to reject their extremists.

I am seeing grassroots fiscal sense and social liberalism to a non crazy level. A rejection of top down authoritarianism. A move towards decentralization to the individual level. If I had to choose one descriptor, egalitarianism using tech to employ it

Not talking about current social media obviously. Open source and blockchain and digital currency

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Lots of homeless in Texas.

But enough about Austin.


Homeless are a hallmark of every large city. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio…

I knoooow…rite…and this is happening all over the globe. Dumb asses ruin their homes, arrogantly believing that what they have organized as their way of life is their “perfect” but then when it all comes crumbling down, they then move to a safe space, a new host home and then their dumb, stupid, arrogance that they never humbly shed, comes forth and they attempt to convert their new safe home, back into the hellhole they left.

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The arrogance is red state locals thinking that they are “hosting” anyone. As if they own the empty space around them–even though migrants are the ones actually putting their names on the deeds and developing the land.

The proof, is where someone chooses to live and it really is that simple. If things were soooooo good, you’d stay where you are. When they aren’t, you look for someplace better and move there. Now…keep libsplainin nonsense… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass: