The relocation of liberals to red states

Okay here is the article.

What can the GOP do regarding American migration patterns.

Liberals are moving to red states, there is no doubt that. And flipping states to the Democratic way of thinking.

What can the GOP do to stem the tide in the coming 10 years?


Why are they leaving the Blue states?

I thought the Blue states were the bastion of liberal progressive ideas where everyone is cared for and loved? For what possible reason could they want to leave?


…just like a virus


they ruin their state, move to another


Liberals are not a problem.

Those two things don’t go together.

Those cities have long been blue. The dems have the same “concentration” problem there they do on the coasts, just on a smaller scale.

It also assumes they stay stupid after they move, which is not always the case. In fact it rarely is. Oh there’ll be isolated cases of collective insanity, such as Austin trying to defund police, but cases.

Your sophomoric author is correct about one thing - it will be good for the GOP. The republicans are locked into the old paradigm - it is time to adapt or die.

The biggest thing he ignores is the radicalization of the democrats. Most people do not want that insanity in their lives. As long as the coastal enclaves left keeps escalating, the alternative will be fine.

There is an awakening among the Woke Adjacent™. It is slow but sure.


texas and arizona are turning blue alright

but not from people within the us

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We’ll see. Texas Latinos and Arizona Latinos are not the same.

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Last I checked, both Texas and Arizona are in the US. Foreigners (as in non-US Citizens) don’t get to vote in either state.


Virgina (at least NOVA) is an example of a state being infested by progressive ideology through the migratory patterns of the perpetually aggrieved. This state seems to have compensated for this malignancy by allowing the natural progression of progressive idiocy to run out, turn foul in the minds of the populous and usher in a renaissance of more enlightened conservative minded GOP voters.


Pathway to citizenship.

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Then that change is coming from within the US since those making the changes are US citizens to vote right?


It’s not being voted on by citizens, but you knew that.

This “Who us?” thing won’t work.

What is amusing is how it doesn’t work.

This society in which we live does not immiserate the workers but helps them to build a better life.

Horkheimer was right. And as soon as they build that better life, they start to resent those who take in their will to power. They resent the immiseration. It’s human nature, not race nature.

Socialism (as dreamed of by the left) doesn’t know how.

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And hardly ever realize their ideology is why things turn down.


Someone polled them, they were mostly conservatives fleeing blue states, not liberals.


Citizens get to vote on where other citizens get to live?

I didn’t know that if I decide to move I have to let citizens in the new location vote.


This poll is on who is thinking of leaving but same principle.

Republicans and Conservatives Three Times as likely as Democrats and Liberals to be Giving Serious Consideration to Leaving the State

So they are actually shoring up red states and making them less likely to go blue.


If you want more proof of this phenomenon, Florida is no longer a battle ground state, it’s solidly red now.


Internment camps? Lots of empty warehouse space out there.

yes i know

You have to wait 18 years first for their kids to grow up.

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