The puppet masters are trying to fool the Bernie kids into voting for them

Im amazed that no one has pointed out how desperately the Democrats are trying to pander for the radical Black vote and the radical Bernie kids and the Marxist revolutionary kids and the members of the communist party and the Farakhan hate crowd, they want all their votes. So just get the diminished human puppet to repeat. Biden is Bernie but a face that they think they can fool the voters with. They couldn’t do it without the collusion of the so called media corporations helping them deceive the people. Freedom should have more limits on the freedom to deceive and lie, propagandize and seek to control. The media is conspiring with a political party to take over the country. And the good old Republican party, like Romney and Mirkowski etc. are supporting the media narrative of the new openly dictatorial communist democrat party

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So, who are the puppet masters?

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sounds pretty Radical dude! Kawabunga! :call_me_hand:

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Do you think Bernie fanz should vote for The Donald?

Jim Henson Company


Kermit dont tell me your a lib?!

What’s with the extra high dose of BDS today?



It’s unusual for a brand-new, never-posted-before person to just dive right in and start a thread, isn’t it?

Get on topic please.

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It’s all pretty hard to say. Can’t think of another time at least in my lifetime, probably longer, that the Democratic Party was this united this early in a presidential election year. The left flank is secure, the right flank is secure. Other than diehard Bernie Bros on Woke Twitter, it’s pretty much a wrap.


I like to give Democrats ■■■■ for being holistically terrible at actual campaign politics and bringing policy papers to a knife fight, but in a world where the dude who was nobody’s first or second choice won, wrapping up everybody from AOC and Bernie on the left to Never Trump Republicans on the right in the space of a few weeks is damned impressive.


The puppet master is Trump himself. He has united Democrats, decent Republicans, and Patriots in general as a corrupted fascistic impotent weak con man who must be removed from power.

Right now in this moment it’s not about policy. I fully expect once Biden is elected we can get back into those policy arguments. Right now we are all in agreement that it’s time to fire an overt racist who is neither conservative or liberal. Trump has no moral compass, no ideology beyond profit and power.


The media is not the boogey man.

Coronavirus will kill you not Don Lemon.

It’s a solid bait and switch.

It will work. They only have to pull in a few Bernie bots.

Shame a million people are gonna have to die for this Malcolm Gladwell-esque tipping point in so many parts of American culture.

You guys really just are not grasping how deep and wide Trumps disapproval is right now. It’s really, really bad.

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3.5 months is an eternity in politics and overconfidence is strong these days. It’ll be interesting around here.

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I was thinking Jeff Dunham myself

We are at a point now in polling, which with a best case scenario you might see a +7 swing towards trump. If that were to happen (and it would require either a major messaging change from trump or a Biden bombshell of some sort) you would then be around +3 Biden nationally.

I’m not overconfident, or complacent. But as a student of politics for my whole adult life, it looks really really terrible for Trump right now. Like, really terrible.