The problem with the democrats unhealthy obsession with race

It’s no secret that race is right at the top of the democratic agenda. It’s brought into nearly every discussion. Random, fake accusations are the norm. People are called racists for anything or nothing. Constantly. It’s an obsession that borders on a religion. They can’t live without it. And if an issue isn’t racial, they will do everything they possibly can to make it so. Whenever race is injected into an issue it is nearly always done by a lib trying to play dirty. Remember libs, your obsession does not equal oppression.

So what’s the problem?


That’s it. Just babble. They love to drone on about it, but the fail to offer ANY solutions.

What is the democratic plan for race? Other than finger pointing and false accusations, does anybody have a clue?


I think all of the minorities that continually vote Democrat have a clue about their own lives. Who are you/we to say otherwise?

I am not saying otherwise. I am asking a question.

What is the democratic plan for race? Other than finger pointing and false accusations, does anybody have a clue?


I answered your last 2 questions. Who has a clue? Anybody?

I’d say minorities who vote for democrats in large numbers.

What is the “plan for race”? That’s a pretty broad question, care to be more specific?

Just give me anything. What is your favorite democratic initiative on race? What do you like best? What makes it superior to anything the republicans have? This should be easy since the democrats have race as one of there top issues.

Acknowledgment and respect?


Sure, That will pay the bills. And how the hell is it respectful to try to convince people that they can’t suceed because of their race? Nothing could be more disrespectful.

You proved my point. Complaining and racializing everything is all they have. A big ole zero.

Inclusion of more diversity in our government and public life
Better funding for education and health care since minorities are disproportionately affected by poverty

Those are just 2 items off the top of my head

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No one is saying they can’t succeed because of their race. It’s an objective fact though, that certain races are dis-proportionally affected by poverty.

Nope. That effects everybody. Regardless of race. And isn’t they already do all that under Obama/Biden? If not, why the hell not?

You’re right. Acknowledging someone as your equal and respecting them as a person does not “pay the bills”. But it’s the start of a working relationship between a political party and a group of people to address those issues most critical to them and their community.


This is correct. But it affects race at disproportionate rate economically. So it helps everyone, but it targets various racial groups economic statuses as well. Since when are we supposed to only help minorities, otherwise it doesn’t count?

Why should someone who lives in an inner city that has been run by democrats for generations in a state with years of democratic rule, continue to vote for the same ■■■■ show year after year? Then their beloved politicians have the audacity to claim republican racism is to blame? Even when there hasn’t been a republican in the state or district since 1912?

8 years of Obama + decades of Democratic mayors + years of democratic governors = same ■■■■ show.

Other than constant complaining and name calling, what the hell is the democratic plan?

Why don’t you ask someone in an inner city? Or is it your belief that all these inner city minorities are idiots that can’t think for themselves?

Is this where blame Trump for record employment?

Because Republicans obviously don’t get it and critique them while being too afraid to set foot in their neighborhoods

Who are you to think that?


Because it doesn’t answer this question.

What is the democratic plan for race? Other than finger pointing and false accusations, does anybody have a clue?


All your questions have been answered.