The President's "Right to Try Law"

For years America has waited for common sense legislation such as this. The Right to Try law allows Terminally ill patience to seek alternative treatments that have passed basic safety testing but have not yet been approved by the FDA. It’s about time! If all else fails, why should patients have to sit back and wait to die? This could speed the development of life saving treatments. Thank you for this Mr. President.

A gift to Big Pharma for sure. Getting to use desperate, dying people as lab rats for profit.

While there are issues, I agree.
Also think there should be right to die laws.

So you are against dying people having any other choice than an FDA approved treatment which could take ten years for approval? They simply have to give up rather than to try something else that may work? I’m guessing that the parents of a dying child might disagree with you. Are they wrong?

Thank God for big Pharma. You probably know at least ten or twenty people who have had their lives saved by big Pharma. The next time you have a loved one in need of a life saving med, encourage them to protest big Pharma by not taking it.

There are already clinical trials for new drugs.

Fair answer. Good honest reply mkh.

Years ago I worked with a man who was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia. There was no cure for it and historically, it was certain death. A couple of weeks after the diagnosis, his doctor called while we were working. She said that there was a new, experimental treatment that had just come out but that they needed volunteers for testing it for approval. My friend figured he had nothing to lose and volunteered. He was buried last month, 16 years later and he died from his organs shutting down after multiple heart attacks that weakened his heart that it couldn’t supply enough blood for them. The results from this treatment were nothing short of miraculous and the treatment is now available. There’s no doubt that when death is imminent, the patient should be allowed to try something new, that just may make the difference for them today and for everyone else there after.

i have no problem with this law. i applaud trump for signing it

Yep, there are already established protocols for testing new medicines.

Then consider it widening the way of protocol allowing those that are doomed, to have a slight chance.

Clinical trials are one of the last things that happens before a med is approved. It takes years to get to this point. There must be a reasonable expectation that the med is safe. Someone who only has months to live may not be able to wait that long. They don’t really care about side effects. They just want a chance to live. I am somewhat of an expert here.

I hate to say it this way but if you were on your death bed and there was no cure but there was an experimental treatment that has shown some success, you’d understand.

Yes. I would be desperate. Desperate people are easily used.

Look, I get what you all are saying. I do. But I’m leery of using desperate people for testing purposes.

In the past 2 years I watched 2 people diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancers whose lives were shortened and made more miserable by desperate treatments that did not work.

Thanks LuLou. I too have observed cancer patients that received legal chemotherapy and came to the same conclusion as I watched them die. I don’t want people taken advantage of but I also want them to have every chance available if…that is their wish.

No guarantees. Just an opportunity to do something other than wait to die. Now the choice can be made by the patient and her doctor rather than a Washington bureaucrat.

Wait, did Trump write this law? How is it his?

Did Obama write Obamacare? How is it his?

You can give credit to whom ever you choose! But thank God we finally have a president with the wisdom to sign it into law. Right?

Obamacare is what you guys call it. Everyone calls it the ACA.

Mark one more up for Fat Donald.

The wife and I discussed this yesterday morning and concluded he made the right move.

He keeps this up in 15 or 20 years i might decide to vote for him. Well, if he apologizes for the claim I am one of “his enemies” BS.

If I were a desperate, dying person I might well take a chance on a new drug even if it did save money for a pharma company (and possibly help save the lives of thousands of other people).