The President SHOULD testify. And in exchange................?

I think your plan is utterly brilliant. Donald should absolutely testify in return for whoever the GOP would like to see do the same. Donald’s lawyers are fools for holding him back.

Is this a trick question? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::neutral_face::slightly_smiling_face::grin::smiley::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

@altair1013 - You realize there is a lot more going on with abuse of power, obstruction, lying under oath (written response to Mueller), and possibly witness tampering then just the words in the transcripts right?

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What do you think the Rs have to gain by questioning Schiff and the whistle blower? What would you like to hear from them?

Of course the Republicans believe it’s a sideshow.

If they didn’t, they would have asked for Viktor Shokin to testify. They didn’t.

They would have asked for Rudy Giuliani to testify. They didn’t.

They would have asked for John Solomon to testify. They didn’t.

Ask yourselves why they didn’t request any of these people to testify.


He will likely get his own name and most of the words in the swearing in correctly, which will take about…32.7 seconds.

Regardless, his offer to testify is bull ■■■■■ Total false charge, except he’s not as smart as your average bear. It’s sensible to a guy who’s capable of thinking two moves ahead in checkers, but he was unable to think past what happens when Democrats encourage him to testify. Nothing good comes from either testifying or, his other option, backing down.

His offer to testify will disappear like so much…flavored vapor.

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The person who is the subject of the impeachment hearing is D Trump. If D Trump does not testify and blocks others from testifying it will be for one reason and one reason only: his and their testimony will not exonerate his actions but will show that he should be impeached and found guilty in the trial in the Senate and removed from office.

Trump corruption is cool.

I don’t need to ask. It’s not the slightest bit complicated. Because both parties are only interested in people who will advance their cause. Unless of course you believe that it’s all about truth, justice and the American way. And we know you’re too smarty to believe that. :wink:

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If Shokin and Solomon have what people here are saying they have, they would not only advance Trump’s case…they would destroy the Dems’ case…blow it right out of the water!

Maybe. I just want The Bidens, the Fit-thrower and of course, Shifty. In exchange for the President’s testimony.

That doesn’t get you anything other than a circus.

Shokin and Solomon supposedly have the goods.

Or so I keep reading here.

It’s actually already a circus. Tomorrow we get to hear from 8 witnesses who actually witnessed nothing. We should stop acting as if the dems haven’t already decided how to vote.

If I was Trump, I’d tell them to “go pound sand, I’ve got a country to run.”

I agree in theory, but I really want to hear from the Fit-thrower, The Bidens and of course Shifty. If he decides to go, he shouldn’t do it without a deal.

Throw in Giuliani and we have a deal

Shokin and John Solomon too.

And maybe DeGenova and Toensing.

Why on God’s green earth as a Trump supporter would you want him to testify in front of Congress when you know he’ll perjure himself in minutes? For real. No snark.

So just so I have this straight, you’re willing to have Trump perjure himself in front of Congress in exchange for. . .what? Adam Schiff and some random schmucks?

No we don’t have a deal. Shifty would never agree to put his own ass in the hot seat. But it will happen when this gets to the Senate. He’ll collapse. I can’t wait.