The President SHOULD testify. And in exchange................?

Of course they don’t. All they want to do is smear the whistleblower as a “never trumper” with an agenda. How does that help? It doesn’t because others have validated what the whistleblower has already stated. So, at this point, the WB is a sideshow.

Prosecutors in Ukraine already have concluded that Burisma and Biden did nothing illegal. Why are R’s re-opening a case that was already closed?

If he testifies like he tweeted today.

Of course they have.

They want to muddy the waters on Trump’s abuse of power and obstruction. Deny, deflect, obfuscate, what-about-ism, etc.

Personally I’d be fine. Whistleblower and Trump both testify under oath and in public. It’d be a deal for me.

Same here.

Notice all of this Hunter Biden stuff on Trump’s radar started in 2019. If Trump was so focused on ridding Ukraine of corruption, why didn’t he task folks with investigating Hunter in 2017? 2018? R’s are quick to jump on this lame excuse by Trump, but in reality, they should have pushed Trump in 2017 or 2018 (while they held majority) to open investigations. Then they could have subpoenaed Biden to testify.

Now its just excuses and “R’s are victims!”

Nothing is preventing them from offering the deal that I propose. No law, nothing. I think it would be an excellent political move.

Well you see, prior to 2019 Donald’s crack team of investigators were too busy investigating corruption in Hawaii.

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I think it would be a brilliant political move. Which is why I don’t expect it to happen.

No need for republicans to give anything, all of that can be done in the senate. Shift can’t block witnesses or control the narrative there.

With all do respect. When a liberal thinks it’s a bad idea, then it must be a good idea for conservatives.

He will never testify.

One might describe it as a quid pro quo.

Too bad. Because my idea is brilliant.

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One might also describe it as a brilliant political move.

So this is how it feels when some people get bouncy at the prospect of Clinton running again.

“Oh please oh please oh please…” :stuck_out_tongue:

The President has been toying with the idea of testifying. His lawyers are holding him back because they don’t see how he could gain anything politically. Which is the same reason that Shifty blocked the all of the republican witnesses. I’m just saying that if the President gives a little, so should Shifty. Fair is fair.

Trump likes to say he will testify. He won’t.

okay, let’s be realistic…the president’s lawyers will never allow him to testify. They know better as well as most of us do, if not more. Without a doubt he’ll perjure himself biggly.

Example? Do you think he we say things that are counter to the transcripts?

What a shame. My idea is rock solid.