The President says a photo of him was faked

There are, however several other photos of him:

What do you believe?

I believe it’s real. Looks the same in the getty images.

Real. He is a vain person for some odd reason.


Is it bad that I find it hysterical that he takes to Twitter to cry about it?

Such a baby.

What is he covering up under all that makeup?

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Do you really want to know? By the way, it’s only $499.00 for a large print.

Here we see the alpha male engaged in the totally common habit of wearing self applied theatrical makeup to feel pretty.


Old age and a ■■■■ ton of desperate insecurity/need to be worshipped.

Fortunately for him “most” Trump supporters give him exactly what he so desperately craves.

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That’s war paint for self-assured totally masculine and utterly self-reliant men in the Age of Idiocy to you, sir!


He looks like Tupperware after storing spaghetti in it for about a week.


This is an official White House photo that was deleted.

How did we get to this utterly stupid place where the commander in chief and leader of the free world is whining about an unflattering photo on social media?

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Trump: I don’t know the person in this photo, never met him.


Maybe he should fire that guy.

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Yes, I would say it’s real. I don’t think it’s odd that he is vain. Everyone is vain to some degree.

Some more than others that is for sure. He seems to fit in the more than others category however.

Aaaaaand there goes another keyboard.

A lot of people are vain.

It almost looks like Trump had on the type of make-up they use for TV interviews, and he didn’t take it off. I have seen people in daylight, setting up for a TV interview, and they face looks orange, but in the camera it looks normal. Maybe in the lights they have on Air Force One the make-up looked fine.

I thought he was having fun with it.


the things we post about when theres no sham impeachment going on…


Don’t forget the Oscars are tomorrow night. Run wild.


I believe he’s a big fat snowflake.