The President says a photo of him was faked

You would think all these astute politicos on here with their opinions etc. would be posting about the big dem debate last night instead of funny pictures of Trump.

I don’t see that happening.

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We could post about tan suits or the girly bicycle or Michelle Obama’s arms.

Would those be better?


what not enough orange face trump pic controversy for you?

maybe you’ll bust out a thread one day that doesn’t wind right up in the quivering TDS dumpster

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That was all different, somehow.

Trump supporters are STILL whining on social media about Nancy ripping up the speech.

I think we’re stuck at about 480 responses to go about how Trump supporters don’t care that Nancy did that. We could start that up again.

no. do those topics make this thread legit?

So much Fake News it’s hard to know nowadays.

But this seems legit.



How about 400 more responses about how you don’t care that Nancy ripped up the speech…:sunglasses:


you’re now posting about that more than anyone

You haven’t been on social media. I couldn’t even begin to match what’s going on there by Trump supporters.


where did i say that? lol

ah ok thanks for your opinion about tweeter

what else is happening on the internet?

Maybe President Orange was getting off the copter after volunteering at the soup kitchen.


I never thought of putting makeup on and then not blending the edges so you look like someone dressing up as you for Halloween as particularly fun but hey what do I know.

Any makeup artist would be fired if they did TV makeup like that. This is a straight up maybe he’s born with it, nah son it’s definitely Maybelline moment.


No one ever made threads about the stupid things trump tweets before impeachment ended.

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not sure they compare to how sorry this one is

but then, there is no bottom

narcissistic supply

Whoever the Dem candidate is is going to lose.

Because it’s not about policies.

So why waste electrons?

what’s it about then?