The President attacking the Federal Reserve

This morning was quite a Presidential Tweetstorm about the Fed.

So there are a few things about this that I find odd.

First is the complaint about “quantitative tightening” which is in reality the winding down of the various rounds of QE after the 2008 kerfuffle. It is really an antithesis of the normal conservative complaint about the FED printing money and debasing the currency.

The second is the complaint about the interest rate. We are currently at 2.5% interest. That is still really low.

Is the economy so bad that it can’t sustain a 2.5% borrowing rate?

What do you think the President wants out of the Fed? I am not quite sure what the President’s end game is here other than to

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Isn’t interesting that the ONLY person he hasn’t attacked is Putin.

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I honestly enjoy the fact that most Hannity posters understand the Fed better than the president.


He’s a complete fool.


He should shut his twitterhole and start presidenting.


That when fox and friends come into play

I don’t pretend to know about this…so there…

I wonder if GDP outlooks for 2Q19 estimated at 1.6% are upsetting this liar who claimed 6% GDP growth during his term.

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Since Idiot Boy thinks you need an ID to purchase groceries, this tells me he has NO clue to the current price increases (inflation) on groceries, insurance, utilities, housing, fuel, and other necessities.

The pittance of a raise in Social Security was eaten up by an increase in the supplemental parts of Medicare.

How low does trump think interest rates should be? 0%? More debt.

Not true, he’s attacked Putin over Syria

As somebody that has no use for the Federal Reserve or banking cartels.

I doubt Trump’s motives for attacking the Federal Reserve are logical or coherent, but rather transient.


Of course if this was best economy ever we shouldn’t need to cut rates.

But Trump and his water carriers don’t seem to have a clue.

The first question requires more time than I have to properly address but in very basic terms Trumps concern here is that QT ultimately results in a stronger dollar. On its face that sounds great, but his concern is the negative effect of a stronger dollar on exports.

On your second question, what the rate should be his relative to the goal of the federal reserve and managing inflation through monetary policy. The Fed set the target inflation rate at 2% and uses monetary policy to achieve that target. The prime monetary tool is the federal fund rate which is currently at 2.5%. The concern here is that inflation has stayed under the 2% target rate during the time that the rate has increased 125 basis points since Trump took office. What Trump is saying is that the interest-rate should be in the 2.25% range so that inflation meets the target set by the Fed. Of course lower interest rates lead to lower cost of borrowing by banks and ultimately consumers. But also impacts treasury note interest rates. The cost of borrowing money decreases at the federal level as interest paid on debt to the public decreases due to lower treasury rates.

He said our interest rates were higher than other countries. Not that they were a 1/4 pt. higher than they should be.

So this morning, the President tweets this

If the economy is doing doing great… then why should interest rates go down?

That is the exact opposite thing that happens in a great economy.


With Trump, any day that ends with a “Y” is a good day to play the victim card.
But hey, Trump knows more about the economy then his generals do. Or something like that.

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So this morning there are more attacks on the Fed

But not only the Fed but businesses who are hurting because of the Tariffs that the President has imposed.

Does this sound like a man who thinks that the economy is doing well?

Also, fat donald’s aides are admitting that Trump participated in blatant market manipulation.

Isn’t this a felony?


its another lie.
the dollar was stronger the day he took office

the euro was lower then also


So today the President criticized the Federal Reserve again

Does he think that negative interest rates are a good thing?