The patriot party

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Trump has discussed the matter with associates in the last week, suggesting he would call it the “Patriot Party.”

Lol. Just blowing smoke. No way would it ever be successful with trump as head.

Too divisive.


I hope he does it. It makes sense. If you’re a patriot, join the Patriot party. If you don’t join, then obviously you’re not a patriot and hate America.


My preference would be term limits and lifetime insurance and pensions removed. This would do more to perpetuate good for the common man than what this additional party would IMO.


Send in your donations now, take our country back!


I wholeheartedly support this idea. I might even send in a donation or two to aid in that effort.


This would own the libs so hard.


He will definitely get rich if he does that…

Hos faithful followers might actually get jobs just to donate…

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Echos of the Bullmoose Party, which set the GOP back quite a bit back in the day.

But Trump is not Teddy Roosevelt. Not by a long shot.

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GOP becomes the third party, if he does this. He will get on the ballot in Florida.

Unless he is banned from holding any future Federal office, which is a distinct possibility.

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Looks like a possible unintended consequence, if Senate Republicans decide to convict and bar him from future office.

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But trumps goal is not to win elections. It is to get donations…

He doesnt care about pplitics or america. He only cares a out his bank account and basking in the glow of his followers adoration…


I hope so just for all the branding and trademark conflicts

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This is a nice incentive to bar him, if I were a Republican.

Why? He doesn’t have to run to form a new political party.

Why would trump have to run for office to get donations or hold rallies?

I honestly think folks who are passionate about politics want to WIN. Some folks absolutely hate losing, as we have seen in the past few months.

Would they engage in a campaign that is impossible to win? In which your candidate is barred from even trying to win?

I honestly don’t know. Agree Trump will grift, but how big will the audience be?

And Trump loves revenge, revenge is why he became President to begin with.

No, he doesn’t. But he would have to be promoting someone else to do it, an anointed one. And I don’t think that has the same degree of traction.

He doesn’t need to run, just name his surrogate. As for winning, heck of a lot of angry republicans out there who would be fine with losing if it punished the Republican party if they convict and bar him. His goal wouldn’t be to win, it would be revenge.

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