The one and only take away from the Iowa caucuses

After last night’s fiasco.

There is only ONE thing to take away and it has nothing to do with partisan finger pointing.

This needs to be the LAST ever Iowa caucus. Iowa and all other States with caucuses need to be mandated to move to a State run primary.

Obviously the problems were on the Democratic side, but then again, the Republicans only had a pro forma contest, so we don’t know if a real contest would have bombed out like the Democrats or not. In any event, it is entirely irrelevant. End the caucuses and you end the problem or potential problem for both sides.

Move to primaries only and while we are at it, move the order around.

California first, followed in weekly order by Texas, Florida and New York.

Then in weekly order Pennsylvania/Illinois, Ohio/Georgia and North Carolina/Michigan.

Then the remaining States, in groups of 5 each week ordered by population.

Then in the final week would be D.C., the territories and overseas voters.

This is about 16 weeks worth of contests. They would start the beginning of February and end in late May.

Iowa would move from first to a point slightly past halfway through the process. New Hampshire would move from second to a point near the end of the process. Neither State should have the influence it currently has.


Why not just have all primaries be ranked choice and on the same day? Having certain states sway future states is stupid.


I agree.

Iowa is special because it is small and a politician has to get up close and personal with a great many people to build support, but they have had mounting logistical problems over the years.

I wouldn’t make California first, but I would shorten the primary schedule, close off primaries to party affiliation and change it all to rank choice voting

4 days of primary voting a month apart Feb/Mar/Apr/May.

The voting essentially by time zone. Rotates every 4 years.

First year: Eastern time zone (and all others ahead of them) in Feb. Then Central Time zone, Mountain, then Pacific.
Second Year: Central, Mountain, Pacific, Eastern.

Yes I know some states in two time zones, but for this purpose a state would fall into a single time zone.

Alaska and Hawaii would be in the Pacific zone voting.


Sorry, I’m not seeing your point. What better way to eliminate influence on a later primary than to have all primaries simultaneously? And if not, why have the most populous states vote first?

That is the way it has been done for years. Maybe they should be on the same day.

I have no confidence in EITHER party being able to pull off all primaries on the same day. :smile:

But if they are not, then at least shuffle the large States to the front.

I feel kind of sorry for the good people in the state that to be honest probably love getting all the attention they do during campaigning season since not much else is happening in Iowa, I am sure it’s a boost to their economy as well. But last night was ridiculous and it should be a much easier process as they have denied the victor everything basically that comes out of winning the state going into N.H.

How about the opposite. Largest states last.

hopefully this is the end of Iowa having any major influence.

they screwed the pooch royally.

Both Iowa and Florida need to take remedial election classes

how about make it random.

each election cycle divide the states into say 10 baskets
randomly put each state into a basket.
basket #1 votes the first week of feb.
basket 2 week
and so forth for 10 weeks

I like it


Small States should not be ruling the choices of the large States. Small States already have a far out sized influence due to the composition of the Senate, the structure of the Electoral College and the fact that the House of Representatives is far too small. They should not be handed even additional structural power and influence.

Put mid sized States up front then and pull small States away from the front.


I like my “by time zone” suggestion best.

Everyone gets a shot at being in first round, and everyone will be in the last round.

The Republicans don’t have as many rules governing how their caucus goes as the Dems do.

My guess is a real GOP caucus would have been reasonably smooth.

But I agree…the caucus system is ridiculous and unrepresentative.

Iowa should be made to go last if they won’t give it up.

Candidates like the small states going first because it gives them a chance for staying power.

Larger states require more money to run a campaign.

So you’re admitting less rules and regulation are better?

Hey I like this a lot. Was this your idea?

It still changes things to favor the most populous state though. When PST is first all the politicians would flock to California mainly. For MST, they’d mainly go to Arizona and Colorado. For Central they’d go to Texas and for Eastern they’d go to Florida/NY/PA/Ohio.

I still like it though.

Nope…only those rules and regulations which are necessary to the situation at hand and no more.

Sometimes less is better.

Not always.

But I agree, Iowa as a caucus state and then NH going first is crazy sauce in my mind. They are not demographically representative of democratic voters and as very low populous states, they get an outsized chance to effect the election.

As far as i know this is my original idea. I’ve proposed it since Obamma was running first time.