The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 2)

Why should she? She is running not her husband.


Always right! Always :blush:


Are you flooding threads with the same news item hoping to change the narrative away from Biden being officially declared incompetent in a report?


Are you just delighted to have a bit of good Biden news?

Either way we are in peril every day Biden refuses to step aside. IMO.

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How does something that was alleged about 2020 effect Biden’s incompetency to run for president in 2024

You guys were sure of the mules. You were had again. But that won’t change a thing about your joint positions.

At least you reasonably shifted to election interference via social media. Kudos to you for that. But this is a big a deal given how much praise there was and is for the movie and its “findings”. Sorry i misspelled fiction

The movie showed a detailed level of coordination.

They just could not PROVE the mail in ballots were invalid.

Other studies showed 1 in 5 ballots were flawed.

43% of the votes were by mail.

It was a ■■■■ election and now we have President ■■■■ for brains.

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No they said they have no evidence of any of it

It was all a fantasy.

The rest of your post is exactly what i mean - some of you guys will never shift away from the true believism

And that’s why i posted it in several threads to several posters. But nope. Still spinning like a draydel

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Deny and deflect is all you have.

I understand.

Did you hear Putin is on team Biden for 24?

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You literally just denied their own statement to a court that they have no evidence

And just deflected once to Biden’s incompetence and once to Putin

I mean this is just Gold Jerry. Pure gold.

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If I may ask, who is they?

Never seen the flick so am at a loss

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True to vote. The peeps who made the movie.

Putin said publicly that he prefers Biden for president, which obviously means that he really prefers Trump.

he doesn’t prefer anybody. he knows how to play politics in America.

he’s had MAGA lapping out of his hands since he went shirtless on a horse.


And if he said he prefers Trump the Trump supporters would say “See!!! He can work with Putin and end the war!!”


Could you cite the studies that show that 1 in 5 ballots were flawed?

Imagine if he said Haley…… :joy:

No that is funny :smile:

You trust what Putin says publicly?

Do you trust what biden says publicly?

Or better question.

Do you even understand what biden says ever?


I trust an awful lot of what Biden says. I trust absolutely nothing Putin says. Nor should any leader or anyone around him. Remember the head of Wagner just a few months ago? Which is why it was so weird and frightening that Trump went with Putin over his own intelligence agencies.

But how can you understand him?

Mwaaa bwaa gollum jip jurgery.

That’s all I hear from ol’ mumbley