The Official Trump 2024 Candidacy Thread (Part 1)

Yet his candidates keep losing…sooo scared

To be honest my life under Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden has been impacted relatively little or changed drastically due to any administration.

Of course its changed over the years, my family has grown up, i have continued to work, had some bad times and good times but thats just life. None of it was really down to what any President did or did not do.

The one thing that has been consistent is the cries from both sides that if the opposing side gets power its the end of America as we know it not to mention every election is the most important one of our lifetime.


Really? I could have sworn that was done by the SCOTUS (as is their power, not the President’s) in 2022 … when Brandon was President. :thinking:

They are desperate to come up with an issue. Roe and Trump being Hitler are what they are trying now.

"Former President Trump widened his lead against President Biden to 4 points in a hypothetical 2024 presidential match-up, according to a new poll.

The Emerson College Polling survey, released Wednesday, shows Trump holding on to his 47 percent support, while Biden’s fell from 45 to 43 percent. About 10 percent of voters in the poll were undecid…"

And House elections, but you still have a point.

Multiple narrow wins.

"Ramping up the rhetoric, Biden has in recent weeks said Trump uses “language you heard in Nazi Germany,” is singularly responsible for American women losing abortion rights and should not be allowed to become president again because he is “determined to destroy American democracy.”

Desperate. He’s losing it.
Lost it.


He’s going to (already has) start a war to get reelected.

yep waiting for the “we shouldn’t change CC” during war.


Wartime Presidents get reelected.

The US is in a shooting war now and more so with each passing day. We are drifting, creeping and failing.


I highly doubt this one will.

We’ll know in a year.

This one may well be the exception.

Everything Biden touches turns to mush.



And this is the turd people are defending.

All I can say is, great holiday message there.


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Oh goody! More “nefarious reasons!!”

Embrace it lib…

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Meanwhile Trump has opened a +2.3 on RCP poll.

Largest lead in 6 months.

It’s early.

RCP betting has Trump up 7.9 percent…thus the calls for Biden to step down only grows louder and louder.

Meanwhile Newsom is climbing.

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I don’t see Biden running and the longer it takes for him to exit the tougher it gets to counter Trump.

on March 31st Johnson said he’s not running for second term. Biden will wait until the last minute.

Dems believe the longer he waits the better.

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Meh. Empty threats. Not too worried about it.