The OFFICIAL If My Candidate (Trump/biden) Loses, I'm Going To...Thread. bruce springsteen Edition

If Trump lost, I would carry on living my life trusting in the gracious providence of a faithful and loving God who I am sure will work out all things justly in due time.


If they would promise not to come back i would buy my in law and her hubby one way tickets out of the country. :wink:


Perfectly sane.

Nugent claimed this back when Obama was elected (either 2008 or 2012). Since his declaration was first, he needs to go first.

If Biden loses life will just go on as before. I worry about the Democratic Party if Biden loses. If that happens you are going to have people out screaming the reason Biden lost is he wasn’t left enough. A stupid argument but they will be making it.

Okay that’s. How Bruce will react.

We have heard the president he might leave the country.

How will you deal with a biden victory?

Me and trump winning, I’ll do what I did in 2016.

Go into a funk a day or so and live my life as an American in America.

Of course it will be slightly different in 2020.

Nancy will be returned as speaker unlike 2016, so at least we will have a divided government.


if Trump loses, I’m joining the bureau of social justice…

I guess it will depend on the vote total, if Biden polls 70,000,000 and like 52-53% of the total vote. Not sure why you would have to worry about the Democratic Party that has won the most votes in each presidential election since 1988 (save for 2004).


True, but I don’t see Biden losing the EC if he gets that many total votes.

June 20, 12:01pm (or whatever time Biden is sworn in) …

Passport revoked.

Several years ago, the city of Charlotte, NC made an ordinance allowing a man…if he “feels” like a woman, to choose to go into the women’s bathroom. Who cares about the actual women using the facility and how they feel about it? As anyone could guess, this didn’t go down well in the house of representatives and they put barriers in place to stop it. Bruce decided he’d boycott NC and not play here. Right then and right there I said to myself…bye Felicia Springsteen.

Not so fast Champ.

I’ll see you Obama and raise you G.W. Bush

Celebrities have been threatening to leave the country if “X” gets elected forever. All it proves it that they are supremely full of ■■■■■


…move to Fort Worth. Oh, wait…that wouldn’t do much. I guess just say “not my President”, though he would be…at least until the 25th and Harris takes over.
Other than that, wait till voters realize their mistake.
A Biden/Harris Presidency might be better for the 2022 Senate races than another Trump term (I rationalize).

Trump doesn’t interest me as a person. I wish him well and hope he did nothing illegal. Other than that, once out of office he is his own concern.

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Yeah, I realized I never put my own response in there after I posted.

I guess ride out the last few months of this term and try my best to get through the next four years.

But above all, I really hope and think that people should calm the ■■■■ down.

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So fast. I pointed out ol Ted “having sex with a minor”. Then you jumped ahead with 2016.

So let’s stick to those 2 posts. Ol Underage Ted first, then the idiots from 2016. Fair?

My in law was GONE in 2000 she said. then she was in the process of SELLING her house to move when Trump won.

Still here. :roll_eyes:

Maybe she’ll move the day Trump does.

To Bruce Springstein. Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya.

He’s not going anywhere and i can’t imagine anyone caring if he did.